10 Easy Steps To Eliminate BAD Habits

How To Eliminate BAD Habits









Eliminating BAD Habits With These 10 Easy Steps





People have different habits.




Some habits are good, but some are bad.




Elimination of bad habits is just like taking weeds out of a garden.



When you take the weeds out, you allow all the plants to grow properly.




When you successfully eliminate bad habits, you create lots of room for yourself to shine and improve.




Right now it may sound truly impossible to do, but you can easily break bad habits and eliminate them.





In fact, if you do it the right way, you can easily get rid of bad habits using these ten steps by Simon Stanley








Step One: Decide to begin.

  • Before you could think further, you first have to decide to begin.
  • Your amazing plans will mean nothing at all, if you don’t decide to take the first step.




Step Two: Analyze what you have done.

  • Why do you consider your habits bad?
  • How has it affected your work or your life?
  • For you to be able to measure the importance of getting rid of your bad habits, you should try to understand how damaging it is for you.




Step Three: Visualize the change.

  • After identifying your bad habits and determining what it has done to your life and to your work, you should try to picture yourself with the good habits that you would like to replace it with.
  • Think about what good it would do.
  • Is it worth it?
  • Are you going to achieve so much from it?




Step Four: Draw out a plan.

  • After determining what you have to do, you now have to write down a strategy that you can follow.
  • This plan will guide you towards success.




Step Five: Practice makes perfect.

  • Breaking a habit is not easy.
  • Replacing a habit is even harder.
  • Create new routines that you will keep from day-to-day, so that you will get used to it easily.




Step Six: Seek help.

  • If you are having a hard time finding success in breaking a habit, you can always ask help from friends, family or professionals who can drive you towards the right direction, and help you eliminate all your bad habits, once and for all.
  • Do not claim to be capable of doing it alone.




Step Seven: Be surrounded by people you love.

  • A great way to acquire the right courage and power that you need will be possible if you have a great fan club rooting for you.
  • Be surrounded by your family and trusted friends, and do not be afraid to ask for their help when you know you need it.




Step Eight: Reward yourself.

  • Look back at what you have done in the last few days and then realize how far you have gone since then.
  • You deserve to receive some treat for this.
  • This is a perfect opportunity for you to reward yourself for your hard work.




Step Nine: Record everything.

  • So that you can see your progress and go back to where you began if needed, take time to write journal entries about your experiences and your emotions given these different situations.




Step Ten: Make an assessment.

  • Once you have accomplished your goal, try to look back at what you have done and give yourself a pat in the back.
  • It would also be nice if you could share your experience with someone, so that you can inspire other people who might need your help too.









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