10 Ways You Can Achieve True Wealth

Achieve True Wealth







How To Achieve True Wealth





Wealth Building is not just about making money.




Today I want to share with you the Ultimate Guide to Attaining True Wealth by Chris D’Cruz Keeper of the Universal Secrets





Building wealth is not a simple path.




It is a prolonged and cumbersome quest which needs a deeply rooted motivating force which is strong enough to see you through the accomplishment of your goal.








Principle #1 – Unearth Your Inner Motivation

  • Indulge in your passion and personal growth so you can live your life to its fullest potential.
  • Your achievement will inspire the people around you to follow in your footsteps.
  • In acquiring true wealth you will have the ability to help people escape the shackles of financial mediocrity.



Principle #2 – Give More Than You Get

  • “We make a living by what we take, but we make a life by what we give.”
  • To gain true wealth, you have to help improve other people’s lives as you improve your own.
  • You could help everyone surrounding you if you give more value than you get.



Principle #3 – Live In Complete Integrity

  • Follow the simple rule, “if it doesn’t feel right then it probably isn’t”.
  • Choose integrity simply because no amount of money can substitute for peace of mind and a clear conscience.



Principle #4 – Take Courage To Do Things In A Different Way

  • Wealth stems from doing things that other individuals have never done so you can obtain what they never will.
  • Building wealth will take guts so be brave enough to take on different pathways and to learn new skills so you can do what others can’t.




Principle #5 – Be Self-disciplined

  • Wealth building significantly relies on your everyday habits which comprise saving, investing and reinvesting, and gaining financial and business intelligence.
  • Without discipline, you are going to fall prey to the main wealth killer that is procrastination



Principle #6 – Live Modestly

  • The cornerstone of wealth building is based on the basic principle of delayed gratification
  • Life-style will make or break your success in wealth building.
  • Do not be confused by the myth of consumerism that being wealthy is about living an extravagant way of life.



Principle #7 – Create Supportive Environments

  • The key to success is focused, constant and unyielding action.
  • To attain this, create a support system that will keep you focused as you pursue wealth.
  • Structure your work environment, family and relationships, financial habits and daily regimen to help support and reinforce your plans.



Principle #8 – Take Advantage Of Leverage

  • By using leverage you will very easily overcome road-blocks towards financial freedom brought by your own personal limitations.
  • Benefit from other people’s resources and connections so that you can extend your network beyond your own and utilize other people’s talents, expertise, and experiences so as you can utilize greater knowledge than you would ever have



Principle #9 – Manage Your Wealth Like A Business

  • Use proved business principles such as accountability, leverage, accurate record keeping,and competitive advantage in building your wealth plan to attain success.
  • Apart from these business principles, include things like your unique skills, interests, and your resources as you establish your personalized wealth building plan.



Principle #10 – Take Care Of Your Wealth

  • Use your money wisely for the reason that your legacy of wealth will very well be your greatest gift to your family, to others or to the society that comes after you.





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