Copywriting Tips For Some Serious And Credible Sales Copy

Here Are 11 Copywriting Tips For Some Serious Sales Copy












11 Copywriting Tips You Can Start Using Today





Writing credible copy requires hard work, creativity, and copywriting skills.




To write persuasive sales copy, you need to understand all the details of your product or service.




You need to become an expert.








Follow these 11 copywriting tips from Henneke, and your copy will instantly become more sincere, more enchanting, and more persuasive.






Tip 1: Cut crappy phrases

  • Ask yourself for each sentence: what does this mean?
  • If you can’t come up with a specific answer immediately, then cut or rephrase until your text is concrete and meaningful.




Tip 2: Stop pussyfooting around

  • Starting a call-to-action with if, is the best way to give people an excuse.
  • Be bossy and tell people exactly what you expect them to do.



Tip 3: Give people a reason to do as you tell them

  • Do you want people to listen to you and follow your suggestions?
  • Just give them a reason why.
  • How are you going to make them happier, healthier, or richer?
  • Which problems, complications, and difficulties will you help to avoid?



Tip 4: Give people a better reason

  • What do your readers really want?
  • Focus on a benefit your readers are looking for.
  • Most real benefits are related to saving money, making more money, becoming happier, being free from fear and worry, a feeling of belonging etc.



Tip 5: Cut sugary testimonials

  • Those  sugar-coated words that tell you how wonderful, amazing, and super-perfect a service or product is.
  • Write story-based testimonials instead that help you overcome objections.



Tip 6: Don’t walk away from the difficult stuff

  • What objections do your customers have to buying from you?
  • How can you address them?
  • Copywriting is about sales.
  • And selling is about taking away customer objections to buying from you.
  • Prove your value.



Tip 7: Don’t use exclamation marks

  • Exclamation marks are the signs of a lazy writer or a sleazy salesman.
  • Simply remove all exclamation marks from your copy.
  • Period.



Tip 8:  Use Specific Details to Boost Credibility

  • Concrete details make your messages more credible.
  • The trust in a seller increases when people believe the seller is an expert.
  • Details show that a seller knows what he’s talking about.



Tip 9:  Put Statistics into Context to Boost Understanding

  • Numbers attract attention, because they stand out in your copy.
  • Instead of just quoting a number, relate it to something people know and can visualize.



Tip 10:  Show, Don’t Tell

  • Visuals are powerful sales tools
  • Images and videos can make your products more desirable; they help explain features; and they boost the credibility of your words.



Tip 11:  Plan Your Sales Copy

  • The key to writing credible and persuasive web copy is to become an expert.
  • Know exactly who you target.
  • Learn as much as you can about your market and your product.

Complete these steps before you start writing your copy:

  1. Describe your ideal buyer. If you don’t know who you’re writing for, your messages become wishy-washy, watery, and ineffective.
  2. Compile a list of features and specifications. Match each feature with the benefit it offers and consider which problem it helps to avoid. Usually a benefit can be translated into a problem you prevent. For instance: A trendy suit prevents you from looking old-fashioned. A reliable server avoids hosting glitches.
  3. Write down a list of objections. Learn from your best sales people how to address each objection.

Only after you’ve completed the three steps above, you’re ready to start drafting credible and persuasive copy.





When you write sales copy, you need to think about your customer.



You also have to remember who you are.



Be yourself.



Be honest.



Become an enthusiast.


Share your knowledge……And share it with passion.

Because your passion is contagious.






If you enjoyed these copywriting tips from Henneke and found TONS OF VALUE, please take a moment and share…..Thank You!



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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington


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  1. Hey Joan,

    I like tips 2 and 9 out of all the list. When you ask “if” questions it has the reader to think about why they’re not progress and get them to think you have the answer to that problem Once you have them thinking this, that’s when you tell them exactly what to do to solve their problems.

    Also statistics really helps to make you look like an expert. If you can relate it to their issues they will be all open ears! Thanks for sharing!
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