11 Ways You Can Use Live Video To Boost Your Personal Brand

11 Proven Ways To Utilize Live Video To Boost Your Personal Brand


Brands are using live video to build a larger, stronger presence and reach audiences on the fly like never before.

Live streaming has become one of the best ways to forge an authentic, one-on-one connection with customers.

As a professional, did you know that you can leverage live video to give your personal brand the same kind of lift?


Here’s how you can get the most out of LIVE video to help you to boost your personal brand:

1. Make your videos personal

There are 2 types of live video that you can use to present information:

Type #1 – The video focuses on objects, backgrounds, or scenery while you narrate.

Type #2 – The camera is on the broadcaster, so you’re in the center of the frame. The viewers’ eyes are on you while you’re talking and presenting your information or ideas. (this is the one that you should stick with when working to build your personal brand).

2. Don’t script it

Reading from a script ruins authenticity. It’s okay to be prepared, but you want your video to feel natural.

People are attracted to those who are confident in themselves and capable of being themselves.

Rather than trying to read from a script, which creates an off-camera glance or stare with unnatural delivery, prepare yourself with a handful of bullet points.

Those bullet points can guide your delivery, and you can fill in the rest as you go. Don’t write those down; rather, keep those bullet points or target ideas in mind. Recall them, and practice a few times before you go live, and you’ll be good to go.

3. Go for quick delivery

If you want to grab people on the fly and grow your audience quickly, make sure you’re consistently providing a fast delivery on your ideas.

So keep content as short as possible.

For a live stream, aim for 5 minutes or less. If you’re consistent with short clips, your audience will be more likely to tune in again and again because they know the delivery is quick and the value comes fast.

4. Don’t go cheap on hardware

Sound quality is especially important. If your audience can’t hear you, there’s no reason for them to stay tuned in.

Always do a few test recordings to sample the sound and make sure everything sounds great before you go live.

When you’re out and about, a quality smartphone can be good enough to live-stream on the fly without too much worry over lighting and sound.

5. Be funny, but with a purpose

The right type of humor, with a purpose, can keep people entertained and will help improve your personal brand. The content you share is more memorable when it’s funny and encourages viewers to return and share what they’ve seen.

When working humor into your live stream, always remember to work within the boundaries of your brand message and personality.

6. Maintain authenticity

You don’t want to grow your personal brand in a direction that doesn’t accurately reflect your true character.

When you try to create a character that doesn’t match you or say things out of character, the audience will eventually catch on, and it will reflect poorly on you.

You wind up confusing your audience when you act differently from one video to another.

7. Diversify your content

Go through the topics you’ve covered while guest-blogging or writing on your own site. Review Q&As or interviews you’ve done, and pick out the gems.

Use those as the foundation for a quick live broadcast to share great information.

Use live feed videos in addition to other content marketing methods to reach more audience segments and grow the visibility of your personal brand.

8. Build your audience to promote your stream

Promote your other content through social channels to draw traffic and increase engagement for your articles and ideas.

This way the initial engagement is in place, and you have some kind of baseline audience when you begin.

If you’re using native streaming on Facebook or broadcasting on other channels and sharing through social, you can always promote the replay.

Most importantly, be sure to actively engage the people joining your live stream. This keeps the comments up, spreads the visibility of the viewers’ activities, and encourages sharing.

9. Always bring VALUE

Every video you create needs to have a purpose, not just random rambling. Whatever takeaway you’re providing should be made clear almost immediately. That will hook the attention of the viewer.

Be obvious right from the start about the topic you want to cover. Say, for example: “Today, I’m going to talk about…” or “I’m going to show you…”

When producing content, you always need to provide value.

That’s what keeps people coming back and greatly increases the odds of shares, opt-ins, and continued engagement.

10. Brand yourself

Don’t forget one of the most important points of live streaming to build your personal brand: introduce yourself.

It doesn’t matter what you’re talking about or how short the video is going to be, always tell your audience who you are.

You never know who is watching, and every video could be their first introduction to what you’re sharing.

11. Go live regularly

With live streaming, there’s nothing wrong with creating a schedule and sticking to it. It won’t seem any less authentic, but it’s not absolutely necessary—not like having a blogging schedule.

The more often you stream live video, the easier it gets. Your comfort and confidence will increase, which will ultimately improve the quality of the videos and the value you share.

Your audience will also come to expect regular videos and will look forward to your live stream, which is the keystone of personal branding: getting people to return and stay engaged, trusting in you to share your knowledge.

In closing….

Live streaming is incredibly easy and doesn’t require a huge investment, and it can do wonders for your brand.

It creates a visual connection with your audience.

Keep the videos short, stream valuable content frequently, and you’ll see consistent growth in the number of live views as well as post-live replays of your content.


I would love to hear if you have tried to GO LIVE and how it has helped your brand….and if you have NOT tried it, why or why not?


If you enjoyed this post and found TONS OF VALUE, please share….Thank you 🙂

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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

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48 thoughts on “11 Ways You Can Use Live Video To Boost Your Personal Brand

  1. Dear Joan,

    I do a live video every morning on my beach and have proven, even though its not showing my real brand, it is showing people ME. These live videos also bring attention to me, the first stage of marketing.

    Loved your content here Joan.


    • Thanks so much Di! Yes doing video and showing ourselves live is that most important step in marketing to show others that we are indeed a real person 🙂

      Appreciate your awesome comment!

  2. Thanks for the tips, Joan. As someone who has hearing problems, good audio quality is vital. I sometimes still have problems because of accents or speed of talking. I like it when there are transcripts 🙂

  3. Great tips for when being live is a part of your strategy. I am a huge fan of being authentic, confident and prepared. Providing value is the name of the game. If you’re prepared you can do that in a short amount of time and keep your audience engaged.

  4. Joan,
    Great article and I like the part where you wrote be funny for a purpose because this is very important not to just throw in a funny line in the wrong part . Great Piece of work.

    All the Best,
    Lori English

  5. Great tips, and it is important to give value…but also to be raw and real, so to not overthink it too much. Of course, you need to have some simple plan behind, but not too much. Great way to use for your business.

  6. I was so happy to see this blog. I find I don’t watch many FB Live videos because I am busy and find that the presenters often are not prepared and the first 45 seconds is watching them find what they are looking for and figuring out what they are going to say. Next . . . This information is really valuable! Thanks!

    • Thanks Candess! Appreciate your awesome feedback! Yes, it is so important to tell your viewers what you are about and what they can expect in those few seconds 🙂 Makes a HUGE difference in how long they pay attention or even if they way too 😉

  7. Love some of these tips that focus on quality or sound and video, Joan! One of the things that I dislike the most about video, is how much of it looks very amateurish and for that reason, do not capture my attention. As a visual person and someone who loves words, maybe I am just a bit old-fashioned and need to warm a bit more to video. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I have to jump in and start doing this. Shorter ones appeal to me the most. My own attention span is short so a few minutes seems optimal. It is now officially on my list to accomplish in the next 3 months

    • Yeah! Glad to hear that Alene! Short live video is always best 🙂 Most people do not want to watch a long drawn out video lol Thanks for your comment 🙂

  9. I haven’t made the move to video as yet, let alone live video, but I will be bookmarking these tips, Joan. Great advice and it does make me feel more confident to catch up to video marketing.

  10. Some great tips here Joan!

    It can be really important to not script the videos like you said. Feel natural and fluent and the audience usually resonates with that!


  11. Hey Joan,

    Marketers are buzzing about the importance of visual content – photos, infographics and mostly videos are key to telling your brand’s story. When it comes to content marketing, the role of video is becoming increasingly clear.

    Authentic communication is an integral component of healthy living. It simply means bringing our feelings and perceptions into a conversation, and it’s the only way to develop true connection with the people around us.

    Businesses are flocking to video and visual content marketing as an efficient and wickedly effective content tactic. Maintaining this consistency makes our content and our brand look more professional, and makes it easier on the eyes. Eventually, thanks for sharing your best tips with us.

    With best regards,

    Amar kumar

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