Here Are The 3 Benefits of Quality Content and Genuine Social Engagement

The 3 Benefits of Quality Content and Genuine Social Engagement








What’s the best way to create great, shareable, engaging content and become an active participant on social platforms?




Here are 3 benefits from Andrew Hutchinson , a freelance writer with Social Media Today,  to keep in mind




1.  Quality content is what your prospects  want to read, not what you want to tell them.

  • You need to take a step back and think about what your prospects want to know.
  • What are the articles they are reading each day?
  • What is of interest to you, as an industry expert?
  • What are the things your prospects need your services for?
  • Write about positive stories in which your brand has had an influence
  • Social media is about building relationships, rather than booking sales.
  • The more you’re able to establish the first, the easier the second will become.



 2.  Content that gets highly shared is content with heart.

  • Real stories, real storytelling, actually getting to the humanity of something
  • Express that passion in an engaging way, you can create strong, shareable stories that will help expand the reach of your business, which has benefits across all aspects.
  • Take time to think about different angles to your business stories, try and find the heart and humanity in what you do as a business and where your brand is able to help.
  • Remember, you’re working to establish a connection, to communicate on a deeper level.



3.  Take time to engage in your online community.

  • Look to have a presence on all social media platforms and in their respective communities, become part of them, participate where you can.
  • You’re likely to build better customer relationships if you talk to people on a human level, offer advice and links to online articles (not necessarily your own company content) and show them that you’re the expert in your field.
  • By being present and being a trusted part of the conversation, you will establish better relationships for ongoing business.
  • And be honest and positive, at all times.




Make the best use of social media, through the creation of engaging content and the establishment of trusted networks.


It takes time and investment, but it will pay off, over and over again.




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Joan Harrington


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  1. Hey Joan, what a great post! I love #1 Quality content is what your prospects want to read, not what you want to tell them. A lot of times we think that what we have to say is what people want to hear, but sometimes that’s not the case. That’s where #3 comes in and engaging with our readers. It’s a huge round robbin amoung all 3 of your benefits. Well done!

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