3 Easily Applied Methods Of Persuasion

3 Methods Of Persuasion You Can Easily Apply









The 3 Easily Applied Methods Of Persuasion






It doesn’t come as a surprise that the most successful people know how to masterfully harness their persuasion skills.








In this fast-paced environment where every survival instinct is polished, the methods of persuasion are the keys in thriving and zooming to the top.





Here are the 3 method of persuasion tools of the trade that you can use to your full advantage……By Michael Lee, Author of How To Be An Expert Persuader




Method #1.  Solutions.

  • In whatever problem or need, there is always a solution.
  • More often than not, persuasion skills are just finding the right match between the two.
  • Your idea should be presented in such a way that your customer/client will gain substantial benefits.
  • It could be in the form of warranties, insurance, free online customer care, rebates, reimbursements or discounts.
  • After all, it is only understandable that your customer/client are very much concerned with their well being, especially if the proprietors started their company from scratch.



Method #2. Be The Expert

  • This seemingly plain method of persuasion has closed many deals.
  • Patrons want to know what your product is about and how it can improve their quality of lives.
  • Consequently, it should be included in your obligations to study and research your products meticulously.
  • This is the only way to honestly and effortlessly answer the questions that may arise in the course of the discussion with your customer/client.
  • Be confident but refrain from being arrogant.
  • There is only a thin line between the two so be conscious of how your customer/client responds through his verbal and nonverbal feedbacks.
  • If he has an open posture, you may be making headway.
  • However, if he crosses his arms in front of his chest, has clenched fists and a poker face, he may be telling you to back off.



Method #3.  Compromise.

  • Hard as it is to believe, compromising is still a great method of persuasion.
  • Sometimes, we need to meet the customer/client halfway in order to show him to what extent we can be of help to him.
  • This is especially true in customers/clients who have been let down by other idea or service providers before.
  • If you are in the computer industry selling genuine spare parts and you encounter an ostensibly difficult customer/client, come up with “test drives” promo or other noteworthy gimmicks to prove your worth.
  • Through this, your customer/client will know you are a legitimate business worth venturing into.








Take advantage of these methods of persuasion and you’ll stay ahead in life.








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