3 Essential Ingredients For Getting What You Want In Life

Here Are 3 Essential Ingredients For Getting What You Want In Life









Without any of these 3 ingredients present, and at work in your life, you may as well not even try.





Because if any of them are missing, the odds are you’re going to find yourself in that place that so many do in life — stuck in the land of “wishing, and hoping.”








The Essential 3 Ingredients








1.  The willingness to try — and get started.

  • The solution, is found in changing the way in which we look at things. 
  • We see challenges, and because we can’t “fix it, or solve them” ourselves we let them grow bigger than they actually are.
  • It’s as though we are too close to the problem to identify the often, simple solution to our given challenge, even though in most cases its right there to be seen if we could only see things from a different angle.
  • And because we can’t “see it” we neglect to actually ever get started on the given task, or project until we’ve got a “clear vision” for what is required to accomplish it.
  • As a result, we wait, and wait, and wait — for the elusive “solution” or “game plan” that never seems to materialize.
  • Magic begins to happen when you accept that it all begins with your willingness to get started — even if things aren’t completely clear, and every single step isn’t laid out for you before beginning.
  • Develop the habit of shortening the amount of time it takes you to begin every idea you deem worthy of pursuing, as quickly as humanly possible and you’ll benefit immensely as a result of having done so.




2.  Taking “Right Action”.

  • It’s important to grasp the difference between, “action” and “right action”.
  • You have to understand that it is absolutely possible to take the wrong actions.
  • We have to always ensure that the actions we’re taking will actually move us closer to our intended destination.
  • It is as simple as that.



3.  Consistency.

  • Being able to remain consistent is important for a host of reasons.
  • For one thing there are very few instances where you’re going to experience “overnight success”, or anything even remotely resembling such.
  • If you want to experience the feeling of success for having achieved the goal you’re pursuing you’re going to have to develop perseverance and the ability to stick to it to see things through.







By creating habits around the ideas shared above– truly you can create the life you want and experience greater fulfillment.






As you do keep clearly in mind that life is a journey, at times it’s got its ups and downs but always meant to be lived fully, to the best we can.






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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

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  1. Great points Joan! Even taking the tiniest step towards your goal as long as you keep going it’s all going to work out in the end. I actually don’t think you can go wrong as such. Just learn something doesn’t work that way is just information or feedback. Then it’s not so scary to take that step. Andrea

  2. To take the right action is critical. We tend to take some actions and wondering when we don’t get the right results. I just had this week a discussion with my mentor about this topic how to choose the right action that gets you the best results.

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