What Are The 3 Essential Keys of Quality Content?

What Is Quality Content?








Good content will build an audience faster than anything else



Make a commitment to create content that’s both useful and interesting, and you will rise above the sea of internet trash.



It is the most straightforward way to differentiate your business and show your value.






Here are 3 Essential Keys of Quality Content by Sonia Simone, CMO and co-founder of Copyblogger Media






1. It has to be useful

  • Content marketing needs to solve some kind of reader problem.
  • That’s why it’s often so useful to start with the words “How To” and then give some thought to how you can finish that headline in an interesting way.
  • Part of making your content useful is making it friendly for your readers’ eyes.


2. It has to be interesting

  • Good content has personality.
  • It has style.
  • You do have to be able to express yourself in an interesting way.
  • Your content should look, feel, and sound personal … like a friendly, smart figure who’s got your prospect’s problems all figured out.


3. It has to have the “cookie factor”

  • That’s content that inherently rewards the reader for consuming or sharing it.
  • It actually acts as a small “reward” for clicking.
  • Every time the reader clicks on your link, opens your email, or shares your content, good things happen — useful, interesting, and user-friendly information gets shared.
  • Put yourself into your reader’s shoes and ask yourself if the content you’re creating is truly rewarding for that reader.
  • Does it get him closer to his goals?
  • Does it entertain her, or at least keep her interest?
  • Are the site design and user interface pleasing?
  • Is the content formatted to be easy to read, and across multiple devices?




“Creating high-quality content — in other words, content that your audience finds valuable — is the cornerstone of content marketing”……says Sonia



But you need more than the cornerstone!




For a much more detailed look at what an audience-building content program looks like, pick up CopyBlogger’s ebook on Content Marketing: How to Build an Audience that Builds Your Business.


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0 Replies to “What Are The 3 Essential Keys of Quality Content?”

  1. Hi Joan,

    I love the idea of a cookie factor. Create to appease. Create to help. Each time I create, I really want to connect with my target audience and inspire, educate or inform them in some way.

    Seek to solve problems and you cannot help but build a prospering content marketing campaign.

    Start with the end in mind. I will solve problems in the cash gifting, blogging or personal development niches; these are my areas especial. Stick to your niche and solve. Give ’em a cookie and they will return.

    Love it Joan, thank you for sharing.


  2. Hey Joan,

    The more quality you put in your content, the better the outcome. It’s all about trading value. The more value you give, the more value you’ll receive in return. These are great tips to really soak in as a blogger! Thanks for sharing!

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