3 Good Reasons To Keep Blogging

Why You Should Keep Blogging?




Maybe people aren’t flocking to your posts like you envisioned when you first started , but if you keep at it, the rewards are sweet.


So before you consider quitting, think about the following 3 reasons why you should keep blogging on from Carly Stec, Content Marketing Manager, IMPACT.


Reason #1 – Practice makes perfect

  • Identifying your audience, establishing your tone, and finding your groove are things that take shape over time.
  • To improve, you have no choice but to keep at it (no matter how many views you’re getting.)
  • In any business, credibility is key to warming up prospects to a point where they feel comfortable buying into your product or service.
  • The more you blog, the more opportunity you have to build up your credibility in the eyes of potential customers and industry influencers.
  • (Quick tip): Commit to writing something every day. This can be a blog post or quick writing exercise. Much like going to the gym, writing can be difficult to pick back up if you leave too much time and space between each piece.


Reason#2 – The SEO benefits are unparalleled

  • Every time you publish a blog post, it serves as an indexable page for your business.
  • The more indexed pages you have, the more your site gets crawled by Google’s bots.
  • Quite simply, each post matters.
  • Not to mention, the more your master the art of writing informative, inspiring blog posts, the more opportunity you have for your articles to be picked up and linked in other publications.
  • In fact, companies that blog have 97% more inbound links.
  • Aware that inbound links go into determining your page rank, this could have a serious impact on your organic traffic.
  • Be sure that you’re focused on building links the right way.
  • Google is quick to penalize sites that gain links at an unnatural pace or practice bad link building habits.
  • (Quick tip): Don’t allow optimization to be an after thought. Start by researching questions that are being asked by your prospects. What they are struggling with? Your post should aim to provide a solution to their pain point. From here you can focus on identifying a target keyword, preferably a long tail one, as they are easier to rank for. As you write, be sure to incorporate this keyword into your title, body, meta description, alt text, and URL. 


Reason #3 – Your sales team will benefit from it

  • The more awesome, actionable, problem-solving content you create, the easier it is for sales to pass along resources and warm prospects up to doing business with you.
  • If you have potential customers stuck in your funnel that aren’t quite ready to take the plunge, your content could be the driving force that propels their decision-making.
  • (Quick tip): If you discover that people are constantly struggling with a particular pain point, bring it back to your team and start building out a remedy.


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