3 Overlooked Elements To Growing Your Email List

Do You Overlook These 3 Essential Elements When You Are Trying To Grow Your Email List?


Why do some people with so-so content seem to easily grow their community, while other much better writers seem to struggle to get a few opt-ins?


“There are three factors that set a growing list apart from a struggling one, and many people either overlook the necessity or are unaware of it”.…….says Chris Garrett


You want your audience to think of YOU as a valuable person who they enjoy being around and look forward to hearing from.

So you need to keep in mind these 3 essential elements when trying to grow your list:



1. Connection

  • First.…Are you reaching the right people?
  • In advertising terms you could think of this as “audience targeting” or “qualified leads”.
  • Second, are you giving these people an opportunity to feel connected to you as a person.
  • Be approachable, friendly, vulnerable, inclusive, and generous.


2. Engagement

  • Once you have someone’s attention you need to reward them for that attention.
  • Give people the value you promise but in a way that is interesting, genuine, entertaining, or at least easy to understand and put into action.


3. Loyalty

  • It is all about feeling good as a member of an inner circle combined with the expectation of future reward.
  • You have to treat your audience well, while giving them something to look forward to.



Think about the great lists you are on.



How do they make you feel?



Can you replicate some of those positive feelings in your own content and sequences?



Don’t just build a list, nurture your relationships with the people on it.



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