3 Simple Approaches For Piquing Curiosity

3 Simple Approaches For Piquing Curiosity From Your Content


Whether it’s through a landing page or headline, it’s the marketer job to walk the fine line between providing just enough information to pique curiosity or tease the reader, while also making it clear what value lies ahead.



When crafting your content, make sure to trickle out just the right amount of information to convey value without giving everything away.

Here are 3 simple approaches for piquing curiosity from your content as shared from Ramona Sukhraj’s(Contact Manager, IMPACT) post: “Does the Curiosity Gap Help or Hurt Your Conversion Rates?” :


1. Be Assertive.

  • Don’t beat around the bush.
  • Make a bold statement that doesn’t allow room for interpretation.
  • Confidence catches the reader’s attention and makes them want to read more to hear your case — especially if it’s something they’d typically disagree with


2. Ask a Question.

  • Test the reader.
  • Present a challenge.
  • By beginning your landing page, blog post, or even site page with a question you prompt a moment of introspection within the reader.
  • You force them to ask themselves this question and assess their own personal situation or skills.


3. Choose Your Words Carefully.

  • Any skilled content marketer knows that every word has a certain connotation.
  • An easy way to evoke curiosity or surprise through your content is by infusing it with the right connotations to elicit the desired emotional response.
  • Evoke a sense of exclusivity and mystery by referring to the solutions as “secrets.”
  • Infuse your content with words like:
  • Fresh
  • Secrets
  • Banned
  • Confidential
  • Insider
  • Unknown
  • Revelations
  • Unusual
  • Surprising
  • Unexpected
  • Rare
  • Shocking


When crafting “curious content”, put yourself in your buyer’s shoes.  What would grab your attention?  What value would have to present on the page, and most importantly, is it enough to make you want to read more?



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