3 Steps To Developing The Burning Desire To Succeed

How To Develop The Burning Desire To Succeed










Do You Have The Burning Desire To Succeed?





“What you don’t know will hurt you.” – Jim Rohn










Here are three methods of developing a burning desire to succeed.




They will work — if you want them to.





1. The greatest obstacle to developing desire is a conviction that we’ll never be able to fulfill it.

  • So many people discourage desire to avoid the frustration they may encounter.
  • If you don’t have a burning desire to better your life, you’re cheating yourself and your loved ones with phony excuses.
  • You’re choosing a level of life that’s poor compared to what you could have with the extra exertion you’re capable of.
  • It’s all on your shoulders and there’s no way you can shift a bit of the responsibility to anyone else.




2. Focus on the specific things you want.

  • Make agreements with yourself.
  • When I do this, I get that.
  • Don’t try to make yourself work for nothing.




3. Take it in steps.

  • If you’ve never made more than minimum wage, don’t aim for half a million dollars the first year.
  • The essential element is faith in yourself.






Convince yourself you can succeed and will succeed.






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