3 Things You Must Conquer To Increase Your Cash Flow

The 3 Things You Must Conquer To Increase Your Cash Flow








Conquer These 3 Things To Increase Your Cash Flow





The most important discovery about successful people is that they take continuous action in the direction of their goals.



They are always trying different things, and if they don’t work, they try something else.



They are never satisfied, and they are never complacent.



They are continually moving forward to generate sales, revenues and cash flow.








Here are Brian Tracy’s 3 enemies that you must conquer to increase your cash flow…..



Enemy #1 – Stepping out of Your Comfort Zone

  • People get into the habit of thinking and doing the same things in the same way, even if they aren’t working anymore.
  • People resist moving out of their comfort zones, but no progress is possible if you keep doing the same things in the same way.



Enemy #2 – Discouraging Learned Helplessness

  • People feel like victims, as if they are overwhelmed by the situation, and there is nothing that they can do.
  • They start to use the words, “I can’t” over and over, which is a way of saying that they don’t see any way forward.
  • There is always a way forward…… Learned helplessness can be avoided once it is recognized and consciously corrected.



Enemy #3 – Path of Least Resistance

  • The natural tendency of people to follow the fastest and easiest way to get the things they want in the short term, with little concern about the long term implications of their behaviors.
  • The fact is that almost all success people have and enormous amount of self-discipline, and the ability to make themselves do the things that are hard and important rather than the tendency to slip into doing the things that are fun and easy.





The life blood of a business is cash flow.




All other activities else must be relegated to secondary importance in the quest for cash flow.







There is only one real source of cash flow and that is customers and sales.





What could you do, starting today, to take such good care of your customers that they eagerly buy from you again, and recommend you to others?




Your answer to this question can change the entire direction of your business, especially in a tough economy where there are fewer customers and tougher competition.






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