3 Ways To Spring Clean Your Marketing

3 Ways To Spring Clean Your Marketing









How To Spring Clean Your Marketing





Just like closets and cupboards, marketing strategies and assets can accumulate clutter over the course of the year –





It’s time for some spring cleaning.







Here are three ways from PR Web Connection, to help you spring clean and make sure your marketing is current, polished, and efficient:





1.   Clean up your lists

  • Go through your lists to verify that names, email addresses and other information are still current.
  • Delete inactive addresses as well as duplicate or incomplete entries.
  • Ensuring that you’re contacting the right people with your news is critical when it comes to generating publicity for your business.



2.   Revisit your social strategy

  • Take stock of how you are using your social media channels and content.
  • If you’re neglecting certain channels or networks, consider deactivating them until you have the time and/or resources to maintain them regularly.
  • Focus on cultivating the channels that serve your business best.
  • Check that your content still aligns with your overall marketing goals.
  • Has your strategic message changed at all?
  • Have your social media goals changed?
  • Do your analytics show any weak areas that need improvement?
  • Answer these questions to evaluate whether you need to update your social strategy.



3.   Update your website

  • Now is the time to update your website to reflect your recent growth.
  • Take stock of your accomplishments and milestones from the last year.
  • Click here for a more updated overview for updating your website.




Don’t let out-of-date information and content weigh down your marketing.







Spring-cleaning your strategy is crucial to long-term success.








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  1. Great tips on cleaning up your marketing. From time to time I would check to see if my content aligns with my marketing goals and check to see how well my websites are doing. It’s wise to check this often so you can improve. Thanks for sharing these tips!

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