4 Annoying Facebook Habits You Need To Stop Now

Are You Making These 4 Annoying Facebook Habits?









Do you have a fan page you’re trying to grow?




How are things going for you?




If your answer is anything less than “Absolutely AMAZING!!!” then this post is for you.




“These bad habits could be annoying your fans & even damaging your brand”……says /PostPlanner




The 4 Annoying Facebook Habits Your Business Needs to Stop




1. Tagging too many people/pages

  • Make sure when you tag somebody in a post, that the content relates to them & you’re not just tagging lots of people or pages to boost your reach
  • This applies to your Facebook profile & any fan pages you manage.
  • It’s important when building relationships online to consider the feelings of the person on the other end — and their privacy concerns.
  • Tagging users in posts that have nothing to do with them is a great way to lose Facebook friends & destroy relationships you worked so hard to build.



2. Condescending for engagement

  • There are right ways & wrong ways to get fans to respond.
  • Instead of posting condescending rubbish, ask your fans relevant questions that spark interesting conversations.
  • Test different updates on your page to determine what calls-to-action get the most response from fans.



3. Ignoring fans who post on your timeline

  • If you’re posting regularly & at the right times, engagement on your page should increase.
  • Fans will leave comments, and people will Like & share your posts.
  • Since fans are likely to comment on your page, use the “Posts by Others” feature to view what’s being said on your Timeline — so you can respond.
  • You’ll see the drop-down menu underneath your app icons.
  • Click the box & select “Posts by Others”.
  • All the updates left by other people will then be visible on your page.
  • Check this daily so you don’t keep fans waiting when they ask a question or need a quick reply



4. Posting ONLY about your company

  • You have to create great content for your page, but you also don’t want to be the business that only talks about itself.
  • Share content from a variety of sources!
  • These Facebook post ideas will help get you started:
  • Share content from fans
  • Share updates from online sources (breaking news, infographics, events)
  • Share inspirational quotes & images (memes) from around the web
  • Share updates from other pages
  • Increasing sales should be your top priority, so driving traffic from Facebook to your company website is key.
  • Generate that traffic by doing this:
  • Creating blog posts & infographics for your website
  • Making videos for your YouTube channel
  • Writing blog posts with your opinion about different industry-related topics
  • Creating blog posts & infographics that answer fans’ questions & provide tips
  • Writing blog posts about breaking news in your industry
  • Making how-to infographics





Next time you work on your fan page, consider eliminating these annoying Facebook habits.





If you do, you will save time & maximize ROI for your content.






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  1. Well, this is interesting.. I often post content which is totally related to my company but sometimes thinks that it is better and I post some thing different. For a change. 🙂

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