4 Copywriting Formulas from the Masters

The 4 Writing Formulas You Must Steal from the Master Copywriters



You need some simple formulas you can copy. Formulas that practically guarantee that you open strong every time. Simply, copywriting is writing that sells.  If the reader is not sold by the time they reach the last paragraph – or if they don’t even read that far – the writing has failed and the writer goes hungry.



Great copywriting captures the reader’s attention and persuades them to take action, and a great blog post should do the same.  Because as a blogger, you may not be persuading your reader to buy a product or service, but you are persuading them to do something.  You want them to give you their attention, believe that your ideas hold value, and take action on your advice.


Online marketing campaigns are driven by tried-and-tested copywriting formulas that have worked for decades. Today, you will learn 4 of the best tried-and-tested copywriting formulas by Bryan Collins’ (a writing coach, BoostBlogTraffic)  lets’s get started…..


1) Problem-Agitate-Solution

  • Problem-Agitate-Solution is an old-school formula that copywriters have used for years to put food on the table.
  • Let’s break down this three-part formula down:
  • Problem – introduce a problem the reader is experiencing.
  • Agitate – use emotional language to intensify the problem.
  • Solution – offer a credible solution to the problem.
  • The Problem-Agitate-Solution formula can be used as is to create a powerful opening for a post that promises to help readers tackle a pressing problem.

2) AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action

  • Firstly, you grab the attention of your readers quickly and directly, usually with a bold first line, some powerful words, or by making a dramatic statement.
  • Then, pique their interest by explaining what you’re going to offer them – the offer should directly address their needs and wants.
  • Next, create desire by explaining the measurable benefit of your offer.
  • Providing proof, such as a case study, will help build the desire.
  • Finally, prompt the reader to take action.
  • How To Adapt This Formula to Your Openings
  • Since a call-to-action works best in the closing of a blog post, we’re going to use the first three elements of the AIDA formula to create a compelling, benefit-led opening.
  • Serious bloggers understand one of the best ways to monetize their blogs is to grow their email list and then create something of value to sell to that list.
  • However, lots of serious bloggers struggle to balance list-building with the other tasks that come with running a busy blog.
  • Let’s write a blog post opening for this audience:
  • [Attention] If you manage your own social media accounts, prepare to be shocked. You’re wasting your time.
  • [Interest] Yes LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook probably drive some traffic to your blog, but your social media following is practically worthless compared to your email list. If you really want to make more money from blogging, you need to prioritize your email subscribers over your social media followers.
  • [Desire] Last year, I outsourced the management of my blog’s social media accounts and concentrated exclusively on growing my email list. Today, I have more than 10,000 subscribers, and during a recent product launch, I generated over five thousand dollars in sales.
  • In this post, I’m going to reveal how I grew my email list so fast, why you need to outsource, and the first step you should take to begin monetizing your blog today.


3) Bob Stone’s “Gem”

  • Bob Stone was an American copywriter and direct response marketer who worked during the early- and mid-twentieth century.
  • Stone invented this copywriting formula for sales letter and direct response advertising, but today it’s used in dozens of types of promotional materials and works great for blog posts too.
  • The steps for Bob Stone’s Gem are:
  • Start with your strongest benefit.
  • Expand on this benefit.
  • Explain how the reader can experience this benefit.
  • Back up your statement with support copy.
  • Tell readers what they’ll lose if they don’t act.
  • Sum up the most important benefit.
  • Include a call-to-action.

4) The Approach Formula

  • Copywriters adapted this formula from a template often used by door-to-door salesmen.
  • It’s a soft-sell where the writer works hard to make the right initial impression on the reader.
  • There are six parts to this formula:
  1. Arrive
  2. Propose
  3. Persuade
  4. Reassure
  5. Make an offer
  6. Ask for the order


Without a strong opening, the rest of your post won’t even get read.  Let that sink in for a second. The rest of your post won’t even get read.


You must hook your readers from the first line of your post.  So when you draft your next post, borrow one of these formulas for the opening.  And if you have to write more than one to find out what works best, that’s OK.


Writing magnetic openings is one of the most important skills an ambitious blogger can learn. And you now have four different formulas for success.


So get out there and open like a pro. Your readers will reward you with their time and attention



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