4 Essential Steps for Sharing Content on Google+

4 Essential Steps for Sharing Content on Google+



Sometimes how you promote your content is less important than where you do it. And one place that’s excellent for driving quality traffic is hidden in plain sight.



It’s called Google+.

Google+ is a great place to promote your content. Why? Because Google+ consistently delivers more engaged visitors than both Twitter and Facebook.

“Because let’s face it, you don’t just want people to read your content – you want them to comment, share, and sign up to your email list.“…..says Will Blunt (a blogger, researcher, and entrepreneur and founder of BloggerSidekick.com)


Google+ is an engaged platform where people are already having thriving conversations about content. In fact, many readers go to Google+ with the sole purpose of discovering great content – just like yours.


So if you want targeted traffic – visitors who are hopped up and primed for engagement – posting your content on Google+ may just be a very smart choice for you.


Smart Bloggers are Sharing on Google+share


Here are Will’s 4 Essential Steps for Sharing Content to Generate More Traffic and Engagement on Google+


Step 1: Harness the Power of Communities

  • If you’ve tried Google+ in the past and found that few people engaged with your content, you might just be sharing it in the wrong place.
  • But a smarter way exists, and it has nothing to do with your follower count – using communities.
  • Google+ Communities are gathering places for users interested in a specific topic, and if you pick the right ones, you’ll find no shortage of engagement.
  • Here are a few good places to start to help you find those communities:
  • “Recommended for you”: in the “Communities” tab of Google+, this option shows suggestions based on your past activity on the social network.
  • “Search for communities”: in the same tab, this option allows you to search all the Google+ communities using specific keywords.
  • Google+ search: alternatively, the normal search function of Google+ lets you search by keywords and then select the “Communities” tab to narrow the results. The following image shows a general search for “blog traffic” narrowed to communities only.
  • Focus on communities where members are regularly commenting, interacting, and sharing content with each other – that’s the kind of engagement you want to tap into.


Step 2: Double Down on Your Headlines

  • When you share a blog post on Google+, the post’s headline is automatically included below the main image from your post
  • But readers easily can miss that headline as they browse the content in their streams, so be sure to create another at the top of your Google+ post that sticks out and draws the reader in.
  • Specifically, it allows you to tailor your headline to the audience you are sharing with.
  • Google+ posts that lead with a question typically get more engagement because you are asking people to share their opinion, not just share a piece of your content.
  • Just like your blog post headline, the headline you choose to lead with on Google+ can be the difference between someone clicking your link or simply skimming past to move onto the next thing.
  • Google+ supports some basic formatting within its posts, and you can take advantage of this to make sure your headline stands out by putting it in bold.
  • To do this, when sharing your blog post, enclose your headline text in asterisks (no space between the asterisk and the headline) to make it bold once saved.


Step 3: “Sell” Your Post with a Compelling Teaser or Summary

  • Writing great content on your blog is not enough – you need to sell it too.
  • So instead of just posting a headline together with a link to your blog post, you should include an attention-grabbing teaser for your post or a summary of the main points in the body of your Google+ post.
  • Think of a Google+ share as somewhere between a tweet and a blog post.
  • Tell your audience why it should matter to them – grab them by the shirt, and give them no choice but to click on your link.
  • Use a clear structure to make your posts reader-friendly
  • Google+ allows you to format longer posts – helping you make them easier for readers to skim.
  • Overall, try to create a clear structure for readers to follow – e.g., introduction, body, and conclusion.
  • Using these traditional formatting principles to give your post more structure will help it stand out from the crowd and increase the chances of engagement.


Step 4: Expand Your Post’s Reach Using Relevant Hashtags

  • Instead of categorizing content based on a specific hashtag, Google+ forms relationships between different topics – helping users make associations and discover more relevant content.
  • It knows that some hashtags are related to others, allowing your content to be found even if users searching for content don’t have an exact hashtag match.
  • Hashtags expand the reach of your post beyond your followers and beyond your communities to the entire Google+ audience.
  • Anyone searching for a relevant hashtag has a chance to see your post.
  • Getting familiar with how “Explore a hashtag” works will help you discover trends, create interesting correlations between topics, and join conversations with like-minded people on Google+.
  • When you search for a hashtag, Google+ not only returns a list of related hashtags in a box but it also shows recent posts that use the target hashtag.



Google+ is not just another social network………It’s a publishing platform disguised as a social network.


You don’t need to spend a ton of time on Google+ to reap the rewards; just a small mindset change could allow you to easily capitalize on this largely untapped source of high-quality traffic.


Now, don’t you think it is time YOU try Google+?




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