4 Facebook Marketing Skills You Must Master

How You Can Master These 4 Facebook Marketing Skills









If you put these 4 Facebook marketing skills , from , Post Planner, into action, your fans will also share & comment on more of your posts





1. Maximizing Reach

  • Reach is a fundamental Facebook metric — think of it as the foundation of your insights.
  • You need to know if your posts are reaching your followers & at what times fans see your content.
  • Just because a post reaches lots of people doesn’t mean your fan engagement will be huge.
  • That all depends on the quality of your followers & content.
  • The easy way to view the Reach is to go to the Insights section of your Facebook page.
  • Looking at these numbers just once a week will give you a clearer picture of what types of posts get the best response from fans.




2. Knowing Your Audience

  • Smart page owners understand their audience.
  • You need to make sure you’re posting at the right times of day — when fans are most likely to be on Facebook.
  • In addition to knowing what time your fans are online, it also helps to know their ages, gender & locations.
  • Knowing your audience is crucial, and should be a major consideration when determining what to post on Facebook.
  • To understand your audience just click “People” under your insights to see the breakdown.




3. Using Creative Images

  • Photos drive Facebook!
  • Your fans love engaging, humorous, powerful images.
  • To keep your Facebook fans engaged, you must create & share images that get your followers to Like, share & comment on your posts.
  • If you choose the right images, you’ll see great results!




4. Staying Current

  • No matter what niche you work in, you need to stay on top of new developments in your industry.
  • Here are some places to stay up to date about the world of Facebook marketing:
  • Facebook Newsroom – Facebook moved their blog a while back
  • Jon Loomer – Knows Facebook ads
  • AllFacebook — These guys cover a ton of stuff about Facebook
  • ShortStack –This crew constantly puts out great content
  • Socialbakers —These guys have great stats & research
  • RazorSocial — Ian & his gang cover Facebook & all the other social sites
  • Social Media Examiner – Their guest bloggers do a great job covering all aspects of social media





These 4 skills are simply the building blocks — the basics all Facebook page owners should understand.





Master these 4 skills — you’ll be amazed at what happens to your page!







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