4 FREE Ways To Boost Organic Engagement On Facebook

How To Boost Organic Engagement On Facebook











It’s time we use smarter, more creative Facebook strategies.






It’s time to post better content!






Today, I wanted to share with you 4 advanced Facebook marketing strategies, from Aaron Lee, Post Planner, that I have used to boost organic engagement… without paying for Facebook ads.







Here are 4 Ways to Boost Organic Engagement without Paying for Facebook Ads







1. Post Fill-in-the-Blanks on Cool Graphics

  • We all know how effective fill-in-the-blank posts can be for boosting fan engagement.
  • But combine a fill-in-the-blank statement with a killer image & you’re sure to have a winning post.




2. Ask Questions on Images

  • Similar to a fill-in-the-blank, a question asked alongside a beautiful image can send engagement off the charts.
  • Use a free tool like Canva to create images.




3. Use Fun & Games

  • Lots of people love to play games on Facebook.
  • Here is one great idea for game-type content  from Boom Social with Kim Garst you can use:






This post got more than 1,390 Likes, 13,000 shares & 3,700 comments.  





4. Ask Your Fans for their Opinions

  • Ask their opinions about what’s happening with your company or in the news.
  • There are many ways to get your fans to express their opinions.
  • In “8 Advanced Facebook Marketing Strategies for Serious Pros“, Aaron wrote about the idea of crowd sourcing with your fans when making decisions like:
  • picking a book cover 
  • deciding on a title or headline 
  • choosing a new logo
  •  Ask also for more general opinions:
  • Which fitness band to buy?
  • MacBook Air or MacBook Pro? 







These are 4 Facebook strategies you can use to get more engagement on your page today. 






And you won’t have to pay Facebook for this engagement.









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0 Replies to “4 FREE Ways To Boost Organic Engagement On Facebook”

  1. Great ideas for increasing engagement Joan. I have clipped your article to Evernote for when I am ready to focus on Facebook a bit more.

  2. Hey Joan,

    I see quite a few people using these strategies, and I for one have used them too. These ideas are definitely a great way to engage your friends within your niche on Facebook! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Am concentrating on Google+ for professional purposes and use Facebook for personal use. Have a business page but don’t use it. These seem like good ideas when I decide to do more work over on Facebook.

    I think Google+ is much better in reaching out to people you don’t know. What do you think, Joan?

    1. Hi Kathleen,

      I agree with you about Google+ as it is better in reaching out to people you dont know, but on Facebook you can reach out as well……..there are some great resources to help you do just that, techniques and strategies 🙂

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