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4 Resolutions That Every Network Marketer Needs To Keep in This New Year and Beyond




“A resolution suggests that it’s a goal that every network marketer needs to achieve by the end of the year, but the following 4 goals should be viewed as long-term changes to be fully embraced over time, not just in a matter of 12 months”.……says Ramona Sukhraj (Content Marketing Manager, IMPACT) in her post: 4 New Year’s Resolutions Every Marketer Needs To Make (and keep)



Resolution #1 – Start Living in the Past: Historical Optimization

  • While creating new content is important, your existing content is just as, if not more important.
  • Instead of investing all of your time solely in producing more, fresh content, optimize your articles that are already indexed, ranking, and performing; the content that is proven.
  • Doing this not only helps support the effort of “evergreen content,” it helps you get even more out of the work you’ve already done.


Resolution #2 – Think More About Others: Embrace the 80-20 Rule

  • With so many resources available online, audiences no longer have to settle for content that is “sales-y” and self-serving.
  • Audiences can search for and give attention to select content that is genuinely valuable and offers real answers to their pain points.
  • The secret to successful content marketing is letting your expertise and knowledge sell itself.
  • Your content should show your audience why they need to work with you by highlighting your strengths, rather delivering an exaggerated sales pitch or list of features.
  • The 80-20 Rule simply means: When creating content, make sure that no more than 20% of what you share is about your product or organization, while the remaining 80% is genuinely educational or entertaining.
  • Giving generously without an ulterior motive builds trust and loyalty.
  • It lets your persona know that you care about them on a deeper level and aren’t just out to make a quick buck off of them.


Resolution #3 – Spend More Time With Sales: Sales Enablement

  • “Outbound sales is dying and the days of the cold calling are coming to an end. [In 2016], the new sales playbook will consist of a personalized approach to the buyer, and like we’ve seen proven on the marketing side, the use of great content and insights that helps solve the buyer’s unique problems.” – says HubSpot co-founder and CEO, Brian Halligan
  • While not every member of your team may be on the sales team, everyone plays a role in the sales process.
  • That means whether they are in marketing, design, customer or client service, the members of your team should be ready and willing to share any information that can help improve it.
  • Try using the six tactics described here to overall help you nurture a culture of sales enablement in your business


Resolution #4 – Try New Things: Interactive Content

  • Gone are the days where blogging and eBooks were cutting-edge and grabbed people’s attention. Today’s consumers demand more from brands than just text on a screen; they want a “remarkable”, personalized experience. (resource:“16 on 16: 16 Inbound Marketing Predictions from 16 Industry Experts”)
  • Studies show interactive content drives 2x the number of conversions as its passive counterparts like blog articles, eBooks, and whitepapers.
  • Modern consumers, both B2B and B2B, want to learn more about themselves and improve.
  • Interactive content better enables them to do this.
  • Take a look at IMPACT’s infographic (This infographic from our team and Playbuzz) outlines several tips and statistics to help you creative interactive content that your audience will love and ultimately, boost conversions.
  • Now is the time to be looking back on the past year’s strategies and determining where change is needed. What worked? What didn’t work? How can you do better? What aren’t you doing that you should be?


Now it is your turn…..take a look at the above 4 goals and determine which ones you are going to keep and work on this year!


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