4 Ideas To Spice Up Your Blog

Do You Need To Spice Up Your Blog?











Here Are 4 Ideas To Spice Up Your Blog Today







These four ideas for blog posts by The Connection/PR Web, are easy to execute and will provide a stream of useful blog content in less time.







1.   Lists

  • Readers love posts that clearly lay out a number of simple strategies they can easily apply to their own lives.
  • Highlighting a “10 best” in your industry is also a solid tactic to drive readership.
  • Customers don’t have a lot of time to read your blog.
  • A numbered list lets them quickly and easily absorb your message.



2.  Trends

  • Tie a blog post to a current topic or debate, and inject your brand message.
  • This is a surefire way to engage readers.
  • As the news never stops, this technique offers an endless supply of potential blog ideas.
  • Another way to trend-spot is to consider your current work, and what’s relevant to the larger industry.



3.  Guest Posts

  • Readers value expert opinion and insight.
  • Identify and tap leaders in your industry whose message aligns with your own and invite them to guest blog for you.
  • Make sure the guest content meets your editorial standards, though.
  • While guest content can fill the gaps, you don’t want it to become a let-down.



4.  Interviews

  • Bring fresh perspectives to your blog by interviewing notable people.
  • These could include key influencers in your industry, community leaders, and even your customers.
  • Providing a customer perspective can validate your business to new prospects.
  • An easy way to interview people is to send them questions via email, then format the emailed response as a blog post.






The best blog posts deliver clear, concise value to readers.







By augmenting your original content with these types of posts, you can keep your readers coming back for more.






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