4 Rules for Building Excitement

4 Rules For Building Excitement In Your Business









For a prospect to buy easily, they need to have a strong felt need, which can also be described as acute pain or irrational passion.





Sometimes we need to nudge those strong emotions along.





Anyone can leverage excitement, says  Peter Vogopoulos a business and marketing coach, and proud co-founder of Firepole Marketing, to get the sale, but here are some rules to follow to make sure that it works for you, and not against you:








4 Rules for Building Excitement





1. It’s gotta be real.

  • Promote only what is authentic about your product or service.
  • Assuming you’re in this for more than just the first sale – you’re toasting your business’ long-term potential.




2. Target what matters.

  • If you want to create excitement in sales, you’ve got to talk about (duh!) what will excite them.
  • We don’t mean what *you* think will excite them.
  • We mean what will *actually* excite them.
  • Take a minute and think about the five pains or passions that they are looking to resolve with your offering.




3. Make them feel like part of a select club.

  • Being part of something is a basic human need.
  • The “proof” of belonging to a special club is always looked upon with pride if you’re in, and envy if you aren’t.




4. Creating Urgency with Your Offer.

  • There is nothing like an expiration date to get people to take action.
  • The sense of impending loss is very powerful, if it can be demonstrated that you are missing out on something by not acting fast.
  • It is important to know how useful creating urgency in sales really is.
  • The question sometimes arises as to whether urgency is justified.
  • Is it legitimate to create pressure for people to take action?
  • The answer is yes – because people sometimes need a bit of a push to take action, and when there is a special offer or opportunity, it is only fair for you to make them aware of it.






A good dose of excitement is always a good thing to generate sales.






Just follow the rules to make sure you don’t overdo it.







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