4 Secret Persuasion Techniques To Write Copy That Sells

How would you like to learn how to write copy that sells from the professional copywriters just by using their 4 secret persuasion techniques?



If you are a blogger and would like to learn how to be more persuasive with your own content, then this post is for you 🙂





Today you will learn the 4 secret persuasion techniques from the pro copywriters , as shared from Neil Patel and Joseph Putnam, that you can implement right now in your next blog post:




1. Emphasize Benefits Over Features

  • Every copywriter learns early on about the need to emphasize benefits over features, but surprisingly, it’s not something that comes naturally.
  • For whatever reason, nearly everyone has a tendency to write about features instead of benefits.
  • Features are needed at the right time to show what’s included with the product, but they don’t convince customers to buy what you’re selling.
  • Benefits, on the other hand, are much, much more persuasive at convincing customers to buy your product.
  • Prospects care more about the benefit provided by the product than by the features included, and they sign up to receive the benefit, not the features.
  • So when it comes to writing copy, you want to emphasize benefits first.
  • Your goal is to lead with benefits and include them at the beginning of your copy.
  • Then, after starting with the benefit, you can go on to list the features.
  • Here’s what you need to remember: Benefits sell the product and give customers a reason to buy; features explain clearly what they’ll receive by using your product and give customers something to compare against the competition. Features are still needed, but they’re not the primary selling point.


2.  Be As Specific As Possible

  • It’s easy to make general claims about a product, but specific proof is much, much more effective.
  • Is there anything specific about your product that will help you sell it to your customers?
  • Are there any case studies where customers saved $X number of dollars or grew their business by X%?
  • The specific number grabs people’s attention and makes them feel like the advice is proven to be effective and will provide a real benefit.


3.  Target Emotions

  • When it comes to making a purchase, people are heavily influenced by their emotions.
  • The simple reason is that our emotions are tied more closely to our decision making than most of us realize.
  • Selling a product isn’t just about making a case for why customers need what you’re selling.
  • It’s creating a scenario where people want what you have for sale.
  • Instead of just listing features and checking off reasons to buy your product, you need to increase the emotional appeal of using it and create a desire in your prospects for what you’re selling.


4.  Leverage Testimonials

  • Pro copywriters know how to leverage testimonials to get the maximum credibility with customers.
  • The reason is that prospects take everything you say with a grain of salt.
  • But when you share a client testimonial, you instantly gain credibility.
  • Words from a customer’s mouth are much, much more trustworthy than a similar statement from a business owner or salesman.
  • You can use testimonials to increase the believability of your copy and to say things you otherwise wouldn’t be able to say.
  • Testimonials can also strengthen key aspects of your copy
  • Your job is to figure out which testimonials match specific parts of your copy.
  • The key is figuring out which ones will strengthen your copy the most and to use them at the appropriate time.



So, there you have the 4 secret persuasion techniques that the pro copywriters use in their own copy.



It’s YOUR TURN to go ahead and implement them in your next blog post today 🙂




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Joan Harrington


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16 Replies to “4 Secret Persuasion Techniques To Write Copy That Sells”

  1. Hi Joan, Your explanation about why and when to talk about benefits is really useful. Meeting emotional needs is part of benefits too isn’t it?

    With a new product it’s not possible to get stats and case studies but I see how valuable this is for existing products.

    I’m working on the testimonial aspect.

    Thanks for yet another really useful post.

  2. Hi, Joan

    Persuasion techniques are the effective methods in marketing. Glad that you can itemized them so well for us that we can grab the idea right on the spot.

    Leverage Testimonial is my favorite technique. Target emotions will be my weakest link which I need to take courage to overcome it.
    Thanks for nice post.
    -Stella chiu

    1. Hi Stella,
      Thanks so much for your awesome feedback!! Happy to know that you found these tips very useful 🙂 I can totally relate on targeting emotions, sometimes just a little tweak in your lead magnet can target it just right!

  3. These are very powerful copywriting secrets Joan! Especially the one about talking more about benefits rather than features. People want the end result by using your products or services, and you gotta give it to them! Thanks so much for sharing that!

  4. Hey Joan,

    Well we can’t go wrong learning from the master himself, Neil Patel right! I mean that man is awesome and I only wish my mind worked just a quarter like his does.

    These points are of course spot on. I learned a long time ago to put the benefits over the features. I think the example they used back then was a man going to buy a car. He more or less bought the one he looked good in and felt awesome over all the features the car had. Granted, I know plenty that prefer the features but that all boils down to the emotions behind the buying decision as well. Now that’s a big one and I find a lot of people use their emotions more when purchasing something.

    You always point out some great tips, thank you and be sure to enjoy what’s left of this week okay!


    1. Hi Adrienne,
      No we can not go wrong learning from the master lol definately! He has so much knowledge about the network marketing industry and what to do that will help, and his tips and strategies are always so simple to implement, that I just love sharing his value 🙂
      Thanks so much for your awesome feedback and comments, always much appreciated my friend 🙂

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