4 Truly Valuable Tips For Lead Generation

4 Tips for Lead Generation That You NEED to Know




“With 1 in 10 marketers feeling unhappy with their current lead generation strategies, it’s clear that there is something missing”……says Carly Stec, Content Marketing Manger,   


While you’ve been told to blog and employ compelling calls-to-action a million times,  these 4 valuable tips from Carly Stec, IMPACT, might have fallen through the cracks.


Tip #1 Listen more than you speak

  • While we often feel compelled to blast out content just to remain “in the mix”, taking the time to gather insights before we put the proverbial pen to the paper is well worth the wait.
  • “When we talk first, the silence is filled with information we already know. When a prospect talks first, they fill the silence with information that could be very valuable to us,” explains Saleforlife’s David Howe.
  • Without a commitment to active listening, marketing messages lack substance.
  • Not to mention, if you’re looking to stand out against your competitors, it’s important that your communications are personalized.


Tip#2 Partner up

  • Teaming up with a marketing platform like MNU, serves as a powerful way to increase your own credibility and visibility.
  • While webinars are valuable in themselves, partnering with another marketing platform like MNU for a webinar serves as an even better lead generation strategy.
  • Rather than rely solely on your own resources, a partnered webinar will allow you access to an entire list of untapped contacts.
  • This means double the insights, double the promotion, and often times double the leads.
  • Just be sure that you’re strategic in your collaboration to avoid competing for business.
  • Essentially you want to partner with a marketing platform, that will compliment your efforts, not rival them.


Tip#3 Ask for less

  • The more choices at hand, the longer it will take to choose.
  • With that said, often times the best way to ease a visitor’s decision to take action is to simplify your approach.
  • Asking less will often result in receiving more


Tip#4 Don’t set it and forget it

  • Not to be dramatic, but over-automating your social media efforts is considerably worse than not showing up at all.
  • “Setting it and forgetting it” is best comparable to showing up to a cocktail party, tapping your glass to make an announcement, and then showing yourself out.
  • As a result, you miss out on an opportunity to gauge the reaction, further the conversation, and clarify your point.
  • If you want to harness the lead generating power of social media, you need to stick around long enough to participate, answer questions, and strengthen relationships.



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0 Replies to “4 Truly Valuable Tips For Lead Generation”

  1. Yep – I am the list builder proponent – and I do agree with interacting and automation as part of the program – Great Post, again, Joan – Hugs and smiles, Coach Donna

  2. Hi Joan,

    I think #1 is most important of all. Listening to a person can give you the information you need to solve their particular problem. If we are aiming to promote something for them, we need to listen so we can turn the conversation to their particular needs.

    Talking it up will drive them crazy! 🙂


  3. Hi Joan,
    I definitely need to partner up with someone. I’m not getting the exposure and also, I need to market my book content more. Don’t think I have to worry about the automation. I don’t schedule anything. I’m on top of my comments. Of the four, my weakest area is partnering!
    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Amy,

      If you need more exposure, I highly recommend partnering up with MNU…….(Marketing and Networking University) where as a member you will learn what you need to do to help yourself get what you need, like more exposure…..here is the direct link for you so you can take a look and see if MNU is right for you to partner with…….http://gomnu.com/homepage.php?id=joanmnusuccess

      Please let me know how I can help YOU 😉 Thanks so much for your comment 🙂

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