4 Ways to Generate Inbound Links with Content

Here are 4 Ways to Generate Inbound Links with Content








There is a new method to building inbound links.



It is all about being a source of quality content.








These 4 ways to generate inbound links with content, from , of IMPACT,  will help you get linking to your content in no time…..




1.  Creating Quality Content

  • The greatest thing about creating quality content, is that people will naturally link to you.
  • The main purpose of creating quality content is providing value to your target audience.
  • Not sure if you’re developing remarkable content, ask yourself:
  • Is there a purpose to the content I’m writing?
  • Am I targeting the right audience with my content?
  • Which posts are performing the best?
  • What keywords am I using? Are they successful?



2.   Maintaining a Steady Blog

  • Your visitors won’t come back to your blog or website if you aren’t routinely creating content and maintaining a steady blog.
  • Consider setting up a monthly blog schedule, outlining how often you want to blog and what topics you want to cover.
  • It is important that you routinely maintain and update your blog, publishing current and fresh content that’s aimed towards the needs of your target audience.



3.  Link to Other Companies

  • Your blog is meant to be social.
  • The more you link to others, it’s more likely they will return the favor.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for reviews and partner with companies in complementary industries.
  • Don’t just tweet and share peoples content on social media, actually link to other blogs and companies on your own blog.



4.  Leverage Social Media Tools

  • A great way to expand the presence and reach of your content is by leveraging social media tools.
  • Search engines are now looking to see what content and information is being shared in social media, making “social signals” an important ranking factor in ranking organically.
  • The biggest part of getting inbound links is actually sharing your content to the millions of people using social media and searching the Internet.
  • Have you ever considered incorporating “Tweet This” links into your content?
  • Who wouldn’t want to give readers and fans the opportunity to share your content socially.
  • Providing greater visibility in search engines, news feeds, Twitter streams, etc.
  • Social media isn’t a fad, it’s a revolution.
  • Not only do you need to develop quality content that will grab the attention of industry thought leaders you need to influence your prospects and leads.





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