4 Ways To Write Good Copy

How to write good copy and allow your truer nature to come through





“You need to ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS……says Adrianne Munkacsy, (a copywriter and content strategist and guest blogger for Firepole Marketing)

If you already have your website written, take a look at it and ask yourself the questions below. If you haven’t written your site yet,  you need to keep Adrianne’s 4 questions in mind as you do:



1. Is this an honest expression of who I am?

  • There’s a trend in copywriting—especially for businesses geared toward women—to use hip, sarcastic, in-your-face language on your website.
  • Fun, unapologetic copy stands out.
  • But if it’s not an honest interpretation of you or your brand it’ll be nearly impossible for you to carry that feeling through every interaction you have with your audience.
  • The first step is to get crystal clear about your brand.
  • There are a few ways to do this:
  • Email your clients, or people close to you, and ask them what three words they would use to describe you and tally up which words people use most, then reflect.
  • Do the qualities listed represent how you’d like to be perceived?
  • If not, think about where you might be missing the mark.
  • Write down a list of adjectives that describe the way you want your brand to be perceived. Write down everything you can think of.
  • Once you get clear about what your brand stands for, you’re better equipped to write copy that stands out in a way that feels genuine.


2. Does this empower my audience?

  • To effectively sell your services, it’s important that your audience believes that you understand the problem they’re facing—and that you have the solution.
  • Yes, you can relate to their pain.
  • But balance that with more positive aspects of their personality—the parts of them that help them make big leaps forward.
  • Are they driven?
  • Do they tackle their problems and not wait around for someone else to take the wheel?
  • Adding good qualities alongside trouble spots will drastically change the feel of your website as well as the types of clients who reach out to you.


3. Does this speak to what really motivates my audience?

  • Almost everybody wants more money, more freedom, more time, or a better body. But vague promises like that feel empty….your audience is bombarded by similar promises every day.
  • Quiet brands can make a name for themselves by tapping into the inner motivation of their potential clients.
  • Think about your audience.
  • If your promise is that you can help them make more money, take that promise further.
  • What would they do with that extra money? Travel? Give it to charity? Invest in other businesses? Pay for their kids’ college?
  • The more specific you can get about your potential clients’ inner desires, the less you have to “yell” over the noise those louder brands are making.
  • The most effective way to learn what your audience wants is to interview them.
  • Ask 3 or 4 of your dream clients if you can ask them about their experience with you.
  • Ask questions like:
  • What was keeping you stuck when you reached out to me?
  • Why was that problem so urgent?
  • What were your goals when you hired me?
  • Why was that so important? (And keep asking why!
  • If they say they wanted more time, ask “Why did you want more time?”)
  • Connecting to your client’s specific, personal goals will quickly demonstrate that you understand them, which is the first step to gaining trust.
  • When people trust you, they hire you.


4. Can my clients say what I can’t?

  • If you’re uncomfortable tooting your own horn, let your testimonials do the work for you.
  • Testimonials (when done right) are an effective way to highlight what makes you special without feeling like you’re bragging.
  • Here is Adrianne’s simple system for getting the most effective client testimonials:
  • Create a standard questionnaire…..
  • This questionnaire guides clients to explain the tangible results they got from your product or service
  • Here are a few examples:
  • Tell me about 3 measurable leaps you made in your business as a result of our time together.
  • What was the most surprising part of your experience with me?
  • How did you feel about [the problem you help with] BEFORE working with me?
  • How do you feel about it NOW?
  • Doing this helps you get more pointed feedback, which you can then use on your site to highlight the gifts and strengths you might otherwise feel uncomfortable speaking about.



The goal when you ask the right questions (like the ones above), should be to present the value and benefits of your services in a way that feels natural and steer you toward the authenticity of your brand.


There are clients out there who relate to—and prefer—your natural brand……


Give them what they’re looking for.




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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

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0 thoughts on “4 Ways To Write Good Copy

  1. This is excellent, Joan thank you for sharing this copywriter’s info – I’ll be checking into more from her and funny – I just wrote 2 posts on copywriting and interviewed a copywriter – and yet we always learn! Thank you and hugs 🙂

  2. Funny, I am just getting ready to ask for testimonials from students who just finished my class and was thinking it would be good to give them some ideas and suggestions for how to structure their testimonial. NOT write it for them, but offer ideas. What perfect timing to find your suggested questions.

    I am off now, to create a short questionnaire and some examples to make it easier.

    One of the challenges I have found in giving testimonials is wondering how to structure them so they don’t read “This was the best!”, but really have some meat and specific points about why it was the best.

    • Hi Arla,
      Thank you 🙂 so glad you found my post perfect timing to help you. Yes I can totally relate to having testimonials being more specific about why your product or service is the best 🙂 Appreciate your visit and feedback 🙂

  3. Wow! These are some really great considerations for writing copy and attracting the clients you want. I am going to keep this article on hand and refer to it often. I’ll have to re-read it a few times to really take in all the great advice and then apply it to my business. I really like the idea of Emailing clients and asking them what three words they would use to describe me. Great idea for developing an honest expression of who I am and what people want from me.

  4. I like the idea of surveying friends and readers to list three words that describe me. I wonder what they would say? How do I translate this for my simple desire to build an audience? My main product is my writing. I want to build a fan base for my writing which would make me more marketable as a future creative nonfiction writer.

    • Hi Mary, great to see you again!

      My question to you is this, how are your promoting and marketing your writing? Do you utilize Google+ at all? By having some kind of consistent posting schedule, more and more people will find you because you are consistently putting yourself “out there”…know what I mean? Thanks for your feedback and great questions…….You also want your blog to become an authority blog, where you have all of your expertise…….I do know of a resource that you can greatly benefit from…..I am sure you have heard of Ray Higdon, right? Only until tomorrow he is offering his newest course “The 3-Minute Expert” at $200 off and $4,000 in bonuses……you many want to take a look at the testimonials that have been coming in for it here>>>>>>https://gv964.isrefer.com/go/t3met/successwithjoan/

  5. Great post Joan. I like your suggestion about interviewing your audience. That is an awesome way to learn about their wants and needs. Great post as usual. Thanks for sharing this.

  6. Hi Joan,

    You have got my wheels spinning again! I will ask what are three words describing me to my list. I think I’ll find that an interesting task to do. Hope it is positive lol.

    Testimonials do the trick! Thanks for reminding me that I need to get more. I got quite lazy and haven’t asked for them in a long while. They do have a profound effect.

    Lastly I was thinking of developing a questionnaire. Gosh these are the three things that are on my to do list and I better get crack’n.



    • Hey ya Donna 🙂

      Aha so your wheels are spinning lol I am sure it will be all positive my friend 🙂 Would love to hear how it is all going for you after you get crack’n lol

      Thanks so much for your feedback! Always love when you visit 🙂

      Big Hugs,

  7. Great tips! I totally agree. Content is king but only if that content is intentional and strategic. It must represent your brand and your voice. It must resonate with your dream customers in an authentic way that leads them to know, like and trust you.

    • Thanks so much Niquenya!
      Yes, content must represent your brand and your voice and resonate with your customers in an authentic way that will get them to know like and trust you which is what we intend to do as an authentic marketer.

  8. Great post Joan
    I liked the simple system for getting the most effective client testimonials: “Create a standard questionnaire…..”
    Took note of the questions. Vey good
    Will use them .

  9. Hi Joan. Great ideas here. I do believe that if you aren’t writing your own voice that it will eventually show through, and becomes so much a part of the know, like, trust factor. The interview view ideas for testimonials is also another great way to help people along. Four great go to’s. Thanks.

  10. The honest and authentic approach always works best in my world too, Joan. It requires taking the time to examine who you are and how you want to represent that to the world. We went through a lot of these steps in designing my brand and I love the idea of asking people close to you what three words they would use to describe you. This is a great and objective way to look at how you appear to the world already and then to incorporate that into designing your brand. Another great article that all of us could study and use as we design or continue to redesign what we are wanting to present to the world. Thanks for the wonderful read!

  11. Great post Joan, copy-writing is an area where a lot of people need help. I especially like the part about asking your clients/customers to provide you with a (guided) testimonial so they can say what you may feel too modest to. Honesty and integrity in your copy is paramount in my opinion and your 4 tips covers this well. Look forward to seeing more about how to improve my copy writing skills. 🙂

  12. Thanks, Joan, for underscoring the importance of authenticity – being true to yourself and your brand. Good reminders to reach out to our audiences to see what they’re looking for and to get feedback via testimonials to continue our work. Appreciate your perspective on this.

  13. Hey Joan,
    Very insightful post. As I was reading, I began to consider how I would have answered the questions. Oftentimes, when advertising we tell the story we think our clients want to hear. It’s much better to simply ask. Thanks for the reminder!

  14. Hey Joan,

    This is actually pretty good timing because I’ve just been through something similar with a coach I’ve been working with. How to speak more directly to my target audience all while remaining true to myself and who I am.

    That to me is what stands out the most. When you’re being genuine and people are able to connect with your message, that’s when you’re getting it right. You have to speak to your audience’s needs all while helping them make that connection with you.

    I love what Adrianne shared and I appreciate you breaking this down for us. Great job Joan and thanks again.

    Hope you’re having a wonderful week.


    • Hi Adrienne,
      Totally agree that when you are being genuine, people are able to connect with your message, which makes what we share mean something 🙂 Thanks so much for your wonderful feedback and comments my friend 🙂 Appreciate you stopping by and commenting!! Having a great week so far, hope you are as well!

  15. Hi Joan!
    I so need help in this area. And you have made it so much easier to write copy, with your easy to follow steps, and the wonderful questions to ask myself. Really appreciate your insight into successful copywriting. Best 🙂

  16. Hi Joan,
    Very informative and thought provoking article. In my experiences the testimonials from clients have been instrumental in attracting more clients. Another part of the article that stood out to me is our clients must feel that we understand their problem and have the solution!
    Great article#

  17. I just asked my client for my testimonials today. The tips that you shared in this blog is great and I will ask those questions when I do my copywriting. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Hi Joan,

    I especially like the first one. It’s so easy, when trying to visualize an unknown audience, to try to please someone you think you might be writing to. Then it comes out stilted, or in someone else’s voice. Yet all your points work together, because the better we know our brand or product, the easier it is to be natural and authentic in presenting it.

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