The 5 Basics of Good Business Writing

What are the 5 critical components of good business writing?



If you master these 5 critical components of good business writing,  you will be able to engage, persuade, and inspire your readers.




You might want to build a popular blog. You may even want to become a bestselling author. Or you might simply want to learn how to express your ideas.  For good business writing, you need to put in the work.  Word by word.  Sentence by sentence. Build your stamina. Grow your confidence. Paragraph by paragraph. Blog post by blog post.



In this post , you will find the 5 most critical components of good business writing as outlined by Henneke.….Enjoy 🙂


1.  Good business writing starts with empathy

  • Good writing starts with listening to your readers.
  • If you don’t know your reader’s struggles, how can you help him?
  • If you don’t know what stops him from following your advice, how can you inspire him?
  • If you don’t know what’s bothering him, how can you persuade him to buy your products?
  • A good business writer is a mentor, an adviser, a coach, a teacher.
  • To write good content, we have to anticipate what our readers think.
  • We have to anticipate the questions they want to ask.
  • We have to help them, comfort them, touch them, energize them, and nudge them to take action.


2. Good business writing requires clarity of thought

  • To communicate your message and inspire your readers, ruthlessly simplify your content:
  • Write down how your content transforms your readers in one sentence—how do you make them feel? How will your tips change their lives?
  • Print out your draft content, read it slowly, and for each section, write down the essence of the idea you’re communicating.
  • Review your flow—do your ideas follow each other logically? Have you missed any key steps? Have you substantiated your claims and ideas strongly?
  • When you know exactly what you want to tell your readers, and when you understand how to entice him, cajole him, and get him to spring into action, then your persuasive powers soar.
  • You become engaging and seductive.


3. Good writing harnesses the power of words

  • When you write you have to be more precise.
  • Your words have to express both emotion and meaning. And you have to get this right first time.
  • Words like good, bad, or nice are imprecise.
  • They don’t allow readers to feel or visualize your thoughts. And they lack emotion.
  • To edit your content, you need to pick exactly the right words to communicate your thoughts.


4. Good writing has a dynamic rhythm

  • Writing is like music.
  • You have short and long silences.
  • Long sentences whisper in your ear like a lullaby, while short sentences wake you up. Like percussion. Bang!
  • Good content mixes short and long paragraphs, short and long sentences.
  • When your reader’s mind wanders off, re-engage him with a question. And use soundbites to summarize key thoughts.
  • Like music or conversation, good writing ebbs and flows.


5. Good business writing oozes personality

  • Writing requires a dollop of creativity, a dash of personality, a touch of YOU.
  • You are creative. You are an artist. You are a writer.
  • Creativity doesn’t require an artistic talent.
  • Just a belief in yourself.
  • Your brain has an amazing ability to learn new skills.


So get to work.


Study one piece of content every day.


Write every day consistently.





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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington


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0 Replies to “The 5 Basics of Good Business Writing”

  1. Enjoyed these 5 tips for business writing. The first one is a big one and you hit it spot on. People need to know who they are writing for. It makes coming up with content so much easier when you know this. Thanks for sharing this information.

  2. I do believe when you blog from the heart people understand and connect with you more, They feel more relaxed and feel your a real person not just someone who is trying to rank a website for seo purpose. Sometimes we just have to be real and honest. people appreciate that.

    1. Yes most definately, you must be REAL and write from the heart, be passionate about what you write and share and more and more people will engage with you and share, like and comment because they resonate with you and your words 🙂 Thanks William for your comment, appreciate it!

  3. Joan,
    I thought the fourth step was particularly helpful. It does have to have a rhythm and a combination of arresting and moving sentences. I will work on honing this skill.

  4. These are some great tips for good writing. I agree that it should always have clarity. Writing with clarity is difficult and not everyone is capable of it. I also agree with having the power of words. Words when written with power engages the audience. Some of the best writers I know uses power of words to convince the visitors to sign up or buy their products.

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