5 Brain Hacking Copywriting Secrets

The 5 Brain Hacking Copywriting Secrets You Need To Know if You are a Blogger


I bet as a blogger you have heard this same advice for better sales and conversion:

  • Replace verbs with adjectives.
  • Use short sentences.
  • Cram your copy with power words.



Yes, this is sound advice that works.  But what if I told you that there are 5 lesser known copywriting techniques as shared from Hassan Ud-deen (a freelance blogger and copywriter)  , 5 hypnotic techniques that are being used on you every day, that you can add to your marketing repertoire to:

  • Explode your readers’ desire in what you’re selling.
  • Make your readers want to comply with your amazing offer.
  • Position yourself so premium prices seem like irresistible offers.
  • Keep readers glued to your copy.
  • Skyrocket your chances of getting a positive response.


These hypnotic techniques are being used on you every day, and you probably haven’t noticed.


Would you be interested to learn more?


Keep reading and I’ll share with you Hassan’s 5 Brain Hacking Copywriting Secrets to Soar Conversions and Sales  and how you can start using them to make your conversions and sales soar.


Brain Hack #1: The Magical Power of Open Loops

  • Open loops take advantage of our brain’s natural craving for completion.
  • You see, our brain enters a state of confusion when it views something as incomplete.
  • The cause could be a story, a movie, even a household chore you’re trying to finish.
  • But tension won’t be relieved until you feel that you’ve completed the task at hand.
  • When it comes to writing your sales page, an open loop would be a part of your story or sales letter that doesn’t immediately tie up the story.
  • You can apply open loops to any kind of writing where you want people to take an action (ie become a conversion).
  • Here’s how you’d apply the open loop hack to email opt in copy.
  • Typical Opt In Copy
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Brain Hack #2: Linguistic Binds to Scramble Readers’ Brains

  • A linguistic bind happens when the writer gives the illusion of choice by changing his wording, when really, all the options have the same outcome.
  • Binds cause a state of slight confusion, and then capitalize on that state.
  • Confusion isn’t a very sought after state by most people.
  • This means our brains are inclined to escape from this state as fast as possible, usually by accepting the first logical way out of that confusion.
  • When the word “or” is used in a bind, people expect the next choice to oppose the first. And when it doesn’t, the brains enters a state of micro-confusion.
  • After this, the person using the bind will ramble on a little to camouflage the bind, and finish with a question to nail down a response.
  • How to make your own linguistic binds:
  • Decide what you want the reader to respond to. This is the action you want from the reader.
  • Give two “options” that are the same, but worded differently.
  • Keep talking to camouflage the bind.
  • Ask a question to pin down a response.


Brain Hack #3: Embedded Commands that Hypnotize Readers

  • The ultimate purpose of your copy is to get the reader to act. Right?
  • Whether you want someone to subscribe to your newsletter, sign up for your mailing list or call to make an appointment, there’s a specific action you want the reader to take.
  • Embedded commands make it easier to get that action.
  • They tiptoe past the scrutiny of the logical side of the brain and create a subconscious desire for the reader to act on what you say, without them knowing where the desire came from.
  • Take a look at this sentence:
  • “I wonder how quickly you will read every single word of this post”.
  • Like a sniper hiding in the undergrowth, the hypnotic command isn’t obvious, but it’s definitely there.
  • In this example, it’s “you will read every single word of this post”.
  • See how it gives your brain a small psychological nudge?
  • Embedded commands are a simple weapon to use.
  • First, construct your command.
  • This is basically the action you want the reader to take.
  • Some examples are:
  • Comment below
  • Pick up your copy now
  • Read every single word
  • Then simply embed the command into a sentence.


Brain Hack #4: Presuppositions to Slip Inside Your Readers’ Brains

  • Presuppositions about a person, situation, or object bombard the brain with multiple thoughts.
  • This forces your brain to accept certain statements as facts, so that it can complete a thought.
  • This is what makes presuppositions such a powerful weapon in your copywriting arsenal.
  • Look at this question.
  • What will you do with the extra $4,500 you’ll be earning every month?
  • When someone reads this, their brain is fixed on the first part (what will you do). And in order to make sense of and answer the question, the brain momentarily assumes that the second part (you’ll be earning­ $4,500 every month) as a solid fact, just to complete the question.
  • This is incredibly powerful, because it leads your readers to involuntarily imagine how their lives will be difference once they’ve worked with you.
  • This is the ultimate goal for every business owner, because once your readers can envision where they will be after they’ve enrolled in your course, signed up for your email list, or started coaching with you, they are much more likely to take that action and make their dreams a reality.


Brain Hack #5: Re-framing to Skyrocket Your Value

  • Re-framing is when you increase the value or appeal of a product by making comparisons to shift the focus of your reader.
  • Successful re-framing lies in changing the “buying lens” from which readers view your product to make the buying decision much easier.
  • Here’s an example of re-framing in action:
  • What price can you place on learning how to get more copywriting clients than you can handle? $5,000? $3000? $2000? (You can easily earn that within a month of learning how to secure clients.)
  • My standard fee for private coaching starts at $300/hour and in my supercharged copywriting course you get over 15 hours of my teaching. That would cost you $4,500.
  • The supercharged copy course won’t cost you anywhere near that. This fantastic investment in your career and life is only…$260.
  • You’ll most likely earn twice that much with your first gig.
  • In this example, there are actually two re-framings going on at the same time. The first occurs when the price of the copywriting course ($260) is compared to how much you can earn in your first month ($2000). The second happens when the price of private coaching ($4500) is compared to the price of the course ($260).
  • This takes the reader by the hand and shifts their view of the product from being a boring “$260 video course” to a “wise investment” in which they are saving $4460.



Now that you know about these brain hacks and how they’re used, it’s time for you to take action and implement.


The first step to implementing these hacks to improve your copywriting, conversions, and sales is to pay attention to when they’re used. If you find yourself magnetized to a piece of writing, stop.


Go back. Look at what “got” you.  How and why did it hold your precious attention?  Once you understand how you were “got”, work on including the technique in your own writing.


Then get a small group of people to read your copy with the technique used and your copy without the technique in it, asking which version grabbed their attention more or compelled them to action?


That’s all there is to it.


All you have to do now, is take action.



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