5 Common Attraction Marketing Mistakes

The 5 MOST Common Attraction Marketing Mistakes & How to Avoid Them…..



For those of you who don’t really know what attraction marketing is, let me explain……



Attraction Marketing is the BEST kind of marketing that exists. Because when you truly UNDERSTAND Attraction Marketing….people come to YOU to join your business and spend money with you instead of you having to chase them.


You utilize attraction marketing by SIMPLY creating something of VALUE that helps your prospect and shows them how to solve their biggest pains, problems and challenges……and in return they might give you their email address, pay you some money, get coaching from you, buy an info product from you or join your Network Marketing Business….


Attraction Marketing works so well because you LEAD with VALUE FIRST , and promote your Business Opportunities second….Essentially you are BRANDING YOU and SELLING YOURSELF….So, people will get to Know, Like and Trust you FIRST…….BEFORE you ever talk about or mention an opportunity to them…..


“This is totally the reverse of what most people do in their business, and as a result….they never make any MONEY”……says Gavin Mountford


In today’s post I share Gavin Mountford’s 5 Common Attraction Marketing Mistakes & How to Avoid Them


Common Mistake #1 – Promoting Your Business Opportunity Too Early

  • The WORST kind of marketing is when you make friends with someone on Facebook / Social Media and then IMMEDIATELY stick a link to your Biz Opp on their wall / message and ask them to join you.
  • You have no idea of their needs, problems, challenges and desires….and when you do that to a prospect, it INSTANTLY repels them, and they will probably never do business with you…..EVER!!
  • Your prospect has to feel that you CARE for them and you are not just treating them as a number.


Common Mistake #2 – When You Join a New Company, Posting it On Your Wall & Messaging People Without a Clear Strategy

  • People get very EXCITED (you can relate) when they join a new opportunity…..and within 30 mins of them joining, they’ve plastered their join link all over their Facebook wall, and contacted 20 of their friends and posted it in multiple groups……BIG MISTAKE!
  • Seriously… it is over for you and that opportunity…
  • You need a GAME PLAN….and a strategy….You will need to use a THREE (3) step process like this:
  • Pre-Launch
    Post Launch
  • You need to get people excited, curious and filled with anticipation about what you are doing…
  • As soon as people get CURIOUS about it, and think / feel that whatever you are doing can help them…they want it.


Common Mistake #3 – Not Having a Facebook Group / Community Of Your

  • Communities bring people together.
  • If you can find a group of people who have a common goal / idea / bond and then bring them together by using a community. Then you get seen as the expert and people look up to you.
  • The best part about this is that your community will grow virally and on Auto-Pilot… because other people invite others to the community…
  • Which means you generate more leads when you know how to persuade and influence the people in your community
  • So, if you still do not have your own Community… you need to get one set up fast... because when you get it right, it is one of the fastest ways to enhance your Credibility and Authority


Common Mistake #4 – Promoting Your Company First Instead Of Branding YOU

  • Here is Gavin’s story (I am sure so many of you can relate) :
  • I made this mistake many years ago…
  • I got really excited about an opportunity I had joined that I started to promote the opportunity up front…
  • I created a Blog, wrote articles, did videos, all for this one company…
  • I built a team of around 5000 people…
  • Everything was going great… I was making some great money, and then it happened…CRASH…The Company folded, the business vanished and I basically lost my entire downline…I didn’t build a list, and I promoted the company first…This was a HUGE mistake…
  • This happens to people all the time and you have seen it too:  They promote their company, do really well, make some great money and then things change.…The company changes the comp plan, or the company goes broke….They have nothing to show for it.
  • You must BRAND YOURSELF first
  • Then you can plugin any business you want to on the back end.
  • “This is also the FASTEST way to earning multiple streams of income”…….says Gavin


Common Mistake #5 – Not Building a List

  • The BIGGER your list and the better your RELATIONSHIP with that list, the more money you will make……
  • Gavin says, “On average each lead on your list is worth $1 per month to you”. So, let’s say you have:
  • 100 people = $100 per month
    1,000 people = $1,000 per month
    10,000 people = $10,000 per month
    100,000 = $100,000 per month
  • If you have 100 people on your list, then you can expect to be earning about $100 per month as long as you have a relationship with your list and are offering value…
  • You must START from where you are at right now…..
  • Get Aweber <<<Click Here
  • Learn how to Create a Capture Page HERE
  • Build your list
  • Email your list daily
  • Build up a relationship with them
  • Find a product / service that will help them (Highly recommend starting HERE to help you)
  • Recommend and promote it through your affiliate link
  • Make money
  • Repeat
  • Sounds complex? It is EASY when you know how



There are many ways of making money and getting sign ups using the Internet……Just make sure you AVOID these 5 common mistakes at ALL costs, as you build your business online…….



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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington


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0 Replies to “5 Common Attraction Marketing Mistakes”

  1. So many good points in your article. I can relate to the Mistake No 1!! So many times, people become your FB friends and next thing you know you get bombarded with whatever they are selling.

    1. You have not ? Wow, it is the best way to market online that I have ever came across since I have been online….People COME to you which makes it so much easier to market 😉 Glad you found my post educational Salma, thank you!

  2. I’m familiar with the term attraction marketing, almost like social selling. I learned to market using the 80/20 rule and because my product does not address a pain point as such, I believe I soft sell just by visually displaying our jewelry and always providing content. I also believe by being authentic, people get to know who the designers are and I create relationships. Hopefully, when in need of a gift or a new necklace for an outfit (hint, hint) they will think of us.

    1. Most definately Roz! In your current marketing strategy you are using attraction marketing in your business, Yeah! People seeing all of your products make them WANT to buy and use for gifts that is awesome, you are on the right track my friend!

  3. Hi Joan! I really like your tips here, as they are absolutely invaluable when building a business. Branding yourself is extremely important and leading with value is the basis of Attraction Marketing. I definitely need a plan for my business so I can get ahead.. Best 🙂

    1. Hi Renee!!
      Great to see ya girl 🙂 Thanks so much for your awesome comment!! If you need any help getting a plan for your business, let me know would love to help you get a strategy to help brand you, which is what it is all about!! Thanks again 🙂

  4. Branding yourself so people know who you are and what you stand for is of course the key. That is what I believe builds a tribe who resonate with you and are interested in what you do. I found the tip “Email your list daily” rather surprising as for me, if any of the people I follow emails me daily (other than Seth Godin) I usually unsubscribe with in a short amount of time. That is a lot of stuff coming at you and the more people you follow the busier your inbox is. Love to hear your thoughts on why every day, Joan. The article is filled with great tips and as always, highly useful for anyone wanting to expand and grow their brand!

    1. Hi Beverley,

      Thanks for your awesome feedback and comments my friend! Email list daily for me is to send them value daily, because I blog, otherwise, like you say, there are tons of stuff coming at us all the time, and who wants to keep seeing the same stuff coming into their email boxes, right? I send a daily email out to my list every time I post a new blog post, so to explain that is the ONLY reason why I would do it daily 🙂 Building our brand is what it is all about! Learning how to brand ourselves the right way is key to our success!!

      Big Hugs,

  5. Hey Joan,

    I will definitely agree that these are all very solid tips and ones that work extremely well. Does that still mean instant overnight success? Not at all but it’s a process like anything else and until you have built that relationship with someone they are not going to be interested in being sold to.

    I’m glad you shared these Joan and thanks for pointing all these areas out. More and more people need this kind of information and I’m glad you’re spreading the word.

    Have a great week.


  6. Nothing better than going through the know, like, trust relationship-building model. This gives you a chance to establish yourself as someone your prospects want to do business with – AND you get a chance to see if you are focusing on appropriate prospects. Great post!

  7. Hi Joan,

    What a pleasure it is to read this post. Attraction marketing works when we do it the correct way. It is pretty much common sense and social etiquette.

    It is like going to a party in slow motion, we have to meet people online and chit chat until they ask us what we do. This means no link dropping lol.

    #2 is my favorite. We do need a game plan. Pre launch, launch, and post launch. You have to tease them a bit or ask a question. Then, those who are interested will follow you. That always works for me!


  8. I totally agree, Joan. It’s about engaging, building relationships, having conversations, getting to know people. It’s not about drive-by-link-dropping and blurting stuff out about your business opportunity or other things that you offer.

  9. If you build it, they will come. Yes! I love this concept because it is exactly what I teach to my small business and aspiring entrepreneur clients. Spend the time creating your strategy and building your platform so you can attract the right people. Change your marketing conversations to education-based attraction magnets. People want to buy! People don’t want to be sold to. Focus on the value you have to offer and the people will come!

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