5 Cool Ways To Write A Kick Ass “How To” Article

Here Are 5 Cool Ways To Write A Kick Ass “How To” Blog Post or Article











The “how to” article is one of the most popular article formats on the internet.





A large percentage of web browsers are online looking for information.




If you present information in the right way, you can turn that browser into a loyal reader for life.






A great how to article should capture attention, get the reader emotionally engaged and end with them feeling like they got MASSIVE VALUE!









Here Is How To Write A Kick Ass  “How To” Article….







1.  Plan the Article by Predicting Questions

  • Your goal with a how to article should be to answer their main question, as well as any questions that might come up as they’re reading the article, as well as any questions that they might not even think to ask yet.
  • Accentuate each question by giving real life examples.
  • Paint them a picture of a situation where the question might come up, then give the answer.



2.  Share Your Personal Story

  • Whenever you write a how to, it often helps to add in your personal story.
  • The personal story does several things.
  • First, it lends you credibility.
  • People want to know that the person they’re learning from has personally been through what they’re going through and came out the other side.
  • It also helps make things more personable.
  • Instead of just an arbitrary third party giving them advice, you suddenly become a REAL person.
  • They can relate to you and they’ll warm up to you.
  • All the while, you’re illustrating your point through your personal story.
  • You’re educating them by showing them how you did what they want to do.
  • Your personal story shouldn’t take up the entire how to, but it often helps to just drop it in somewhere.




3.  Use Attention Catching & Emotional Language

  • When it comes to writing for a web audience, it’s not enough to just have good information.
  • Your content needs to be fun to read as well.
  • Internet users are used to flicking through websites at lightning speeds.
  • They rarely pause to read an entire article online.
  • If you want someone to actually read what you wrote, you need to capture their attention.
  • Do this by clearly communicating the benefit in the headline of your how to.
  • Use emotional words throughout your article to keep people engaged.
  • Write great subheads that get scanners to start reading.
  • Make sure your subheads make sense even if someone didn’t read the previous paragraph(s), as many scanners will be skipping around.



4.  Add a Useful Photo

  • A good photo or two can go a long way, especially if the photos are informative and tied to the content.
  • For example, if you’re writing a tutorial on how to reduce your monthly expenses, you might include a “before” and “after” shot of your personal tracking software.
  • Or if you’re talking about how to use Facebook’s advertising platforms, a few screenshots of the setup process can help make everything you’re talking about a lot more concrete.
  • Adding photos takes more effort than just writing an article, but it’s worth it.



5.  Be Committed to Solving Their Problem.

  • When you are writing, put yourself in their shoes.  Or put yourself mentally back to where you were several years ago, when you were still experiencing that problem.
  • Write to that person.
  • Be absolutely committed that the content you’re writing will help them.
  • You might not completely solve their problem, but you must at least get them to the next stepalong their path.
  • How your writing comes out when you’re committed to your reader’s success sounds completely different than when you’re just writing an arbitrary list of tips.





Learning how to write a great “how to” article is a strong basis for any website.






These 5 tips will not only help you make your “how to” articles jump out, but they will really help solve problems for your readers. 







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Joan Harrington

*(Editors Note:  About the author of this information, Derek Pankaew)


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  1. Great tips, thank you Joan. I remember a creative writing class I took, and all I keep remembering the teacher say was, “Show rather than tell”. By using emotion packed words and sharing personal stories it’s a great way to do this!

  2. Thanks for the tips! I still have a question, perhaps you will answer it next time. OKAY, you have written the perfect HOW-TO post on one of the most painful issues of your Ideal Customer … how do they find you? Would love to hear some more. THANKS 🙂 HUGS <3

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