5 Copywriting Tips to Entice Customers

Entice Your Customers With These 5 Copywriting Tips









Here are 5 simple yet powerful copywriting techniques to help you build early (and lasting) traction with customers from Brian Casel, Mashable





1. Speak to one person.

  • Your copywriting will have a much greater impact if it’s written as if you’re having a conversation with one person — just you and me.

  • This helps build a deeper relationship between you and the reader because it’s more intimate and personal.

  • You must have a thorough understanding of who your target customer is.

  • Speak to him in his language, and use the terminology and style he uses.

  • Focus on the points that matter most to this particular target customer.




2. Focus on benefits, not features.

  • Before a visitor will convert to a paying customer, he has to care.

  • Your product must have such an impact that he’s willing to open his wallet and pull out his credit card then and there.

  • How do you get to that point?

  • By focusing on the benefits.

  • How will your customer benefit from using your product?

  • How will her life change for the better if she decides to use your product?




3. Reduce friction.

  • Whenever you ask for money, or even just a visitor’s contact information, you’ll always meet some natural resistance.

  • People are reluctant to part with their hard-earned dough or risk spam by sharing their email address.

  • The way to overcome this obstacle is to reduce friction in your copy.

  • Instead of labeling a call-to-action button with the word “Submit,” try using “Sign Up for Free.”

  • Or if it’s a button to complete a purchase, such as a “Buy Now” button, try adding “30 day money-back guarantee” in small text below it.

  • These give your customer positive reinforcement that his risk is minimal and he’s making a smart decision by clicking.




4. Grab attention and keep it.

  • The minute a first-time visitor hits your homepage, it’s a make-or-break moment.

  • She’s immediately wary her time might be wasted, so she’s got her cursor poised over the back button, waiting for an excuse to bounce off your site.

  • It’s up to your site, and particularly the top headline and sub-headline, to avoid this from happening.

  • Your headline must grab her attention; your sub-headline must keep her attention.

  • The top headline should speak directly to the pain point your target customer has.

  • It should also be a bold statement, almost to the point that it’s not believable.

  • It should catch her off guard and make her want to keep reading.

  • The sub-headline, or a short first paragraph, should keep attention by establishing relevancy.

  • Here, you can add clarity and be up-front about what it is you’re offering, in a nutshell — just enough to confirm with your visitor that this is in fact something he’s interested in learning more about.




5. Provoke curiosity.

  • The goal of your top headline is to get your visitor to read the second headline.

  • The goal of the second headline is to get him to read the first paragraph.

  • From there, you want him to keep reading all the way to the end and engage your call-to-action.

  • In order to compel your visitor to stick around and progress through your page, he must continuously be curious to learn more.

  • Give him a taste, but don’t give away the whole cake.

  • You want him to crave more information.





All of the tips above share a common tactic: They provoke curiosity.








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