5 Important Elements Of A Successful Landing Page

Here Are The 5 Most Important Elements Of A Successful Landing Page









Landing pages don’t have sidebars, navigation, or links to anything other than the desired action.



Once you have your prospect’s attention focused, the last thing you want to do is send him ping-ponging around the web again.



A landing page will use your best persuasion skills



Anything and everything you know about copywriting will go into your landing pages.



As you pick up more skill, your landing pages will only get better.





 Here are the 5 most important elements of your landing page from Copyblogger, Sonia Simone




1.    A Compelling Headline to draw readers in

2.   A thorough discussion of Benefits (what your product does for your customer) and features

3.   Enticing Fascinations that build curiosity and desire for what you’re selling (even if it’s free, like your email autoresponder)

4.   A clear Call To Action that lets people know exactly what to do next

5.   Some great Testimonials, if you have them, to show your expertise and credibility





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