5 Tips for Focused Sales and Marketing

Here are 5 Tips for Focused Sales and Marketing









Here are 5 tips , from Gary Korisko, Reboot Authentic, that you can use to begin targeting the right potential customers for you.






1: Adjust Your Focus

  • This simply means that you change the way you look at your targets.
  • Start thinking about personally engaging specific groups of people with specific messages instead of broadcasting generically to the world.
  • Your goal should be to attract only the people who will connect deeply with you and your business.
  • You don’t need lukewarm well-wishers.
  • You’re looking for raging fans.




2: Grow Thick Skin

  • When you begin focusing in on the right prospects and quit trying to please everyone, guess what happens?
  • Some people aren’t going to like you, your business, or your products.
  • No matter how nice you are or how stellar your work is, someone isn’t going to like it.
  • And that’s okay



3: Just Like In School: Don’t Copy

  • Be careful that you don’t (even unintentionally) become a knock-off of someone else in your market.
  • Pay attention to your competition, learn what you can from their successes
  • If you do what everyone else does and you’ll be lost in a sea of sameness.
  • Do something different and you stand out in a crowd and create a much more productive sales environment.




4: Be Loud and Proud

  • Be authentic
  • Be genuine or real.
  • But whatever it is that makes you who you are – whatever makes your company and your offerings unique and different… that’s what makes you interesting.
  • Don’t gloss over those things.
  • Accentuate them.
  • Quirks and all.
  • Unique is memorable.
  • Same is forgettable.
  • Which would you rather to be?



5: Market and Sell To Your Best Customer

  • Who is your most loyal customer or follower right now?
  • Who really gets you and responds well to everything you put out into the world?
  • That’s the person who you should use as a mental avatar when you’re creating new products, services, or messaging.
  • Create offerings for and market to your one perfect customer.
  • The odds are that the things that attracted that one perfect customer to you are the same types of things that will attract similar customers to you in the future.





Go where your prospects like to be.






Once you’ve defined your target customers, do some research and find out where they congregate.






Make a list of places your target customers tend to be and you will have no shortage of ideas about how to market to them.




 Put these five tips into action and start targeting the right prospects.




Over time you’ll see the difference in your bottom line.






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