5 Tips To Having A Great Day….Everyday

How You Can Have A Great Day…. Everyday








5 Tips To Help You Have A Great Day…..Everyday





Dale Carnegie once said that we put off living, “dreaming of some magical rose garden over the horizon instead of enjoying the roses blooming outside our windows today.”





What happened to just enjoying life?







If you’re not enjoying your life right now, it’s time to stop and figure out why.

You can’t better yourself if you can’t find happiness in what you’re doing today.






It’s the time of year we’re all making resolutions to change or do something to “better” ourselves, so here is a little reminder from Amanda Brandon, First Class M.L.M Editor on how you can have a great day…..everyday!





Here are five simple tips you can use any day to have a great day.






Tip #1 – Decide today is going to be a great day.

  • It never hurt anyone’s day to say these seven words…..”This is gonna be a great day!”
  • The trick is believing them.



Tip #2 – Spend time on your priorities.

  • Figure out the six activities that will give you the most success today and do them.



Tip #3 – Remember what you’re thankful for.

  • We get distracted by our “brain trash” and that writing out a list of 10 things we’re thankful for can help us get our focus back.



Tip # 4- Look out for your health.

  • You’re not doing anyone a favor when you neglect your health.
  • Eating right, sleeping and exercise are all part of having a great day.
  • Don’t skip these important steps.



Tip # 5 – Practice discipline.

  • If you find your days too scattered with activity, get a schedule.
  • Maybe do all of your calls in the morning, meetings on certain evenings and admin one day a week.







Your Turn…..”What do you do to have a great day, everyday?”








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