6 Contagious Marketing Principles

How To Create Word-of-Mouth Marketing Utilizing These 6 Contagious Marketing Principles





Rather than sit back and hope for conversations about your product or service to organically begin, there’s much that can be done to facilitate them yourself…….just by utilizing the following 6 Contagious Marketing Principles




To help you get to a point where you can spend less on marketing, and still have people talking about your brand, Carly Stec,  (Content Marketing Manager at IMPACT) details each of Jonah Berger’s 6 contagious marketing principles below:


1. Social Currency

  • According to Berger, people tend to share things that make them look good.
  • He calls it social currency and explains that we often seek out information or content that gives us a leg up on the next guy.
  • Something worth bragging about.
  • Consider giving away early access to your next ebook or offer to a limited number of people. If all goes as planned, those who gain access before the masses won’t be shy about telling a friend or two about their “VIP” experience with the offer. Hello, word-of-mouth marketing. 

2. Emotional Resonance

  • Aware that our will to share something is heavily influenced by the emotional persuasiveness, it’s important that we’re applying this to our marketing efforts.
  • Don’t be afraid to infuse humor into your marketing efforts (as long as it’s in good taste.) As it turns out, content that evokes positive or high-arousal emotions has a better chance at going viral.

3. Public

  • It’s clear that it’s easy for people to buy into something that is highly visual or publically observable.
  • In terms of marketing application, this means that we need to focus on creating content and campaigns that are hard to miss.
  • Create a campaign that forces people to take some sort of public action. Whether they have to change their profile picture, Instagram something related to the campaign, or wear something unique to you (think Livestrong bracelet.)

4. Practical Value

  • Think about your own reasoning for sharing certain pieces of content over others.
  • For me personally, out of all of the content I read and comment and share on, I usually only share articles that I find immense value in.
  • Articles and posts that I know my followers and readers will find just as useful.
  • For businesses, this places a profound importance on creating remarkably helpful content on a regular basis.
  • There’s simply no downside to serving up practical value. Don’t be afraid to give away your secrets. 

5. Triggers

  • People share certain content when they are prompted by a “trigger” or some sort of reminder.
  • As a marketer, the goal is to find the Jack to your Coke and use the parallel to spark conversations around your product, service, or campaign. 

6.  Stories

  • If your business can find a way to incorporate your product or service into a compelling, big picture narrative, people are more likely to talk about you.
  • Consider what your business can do to show your human side. Highlight your roots by creating a video that explains what it is you offer, and how it is unique to your competitor’s. 



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