6 Essential Blog Tips You Cannot Ignore!

How To Increase Your Blog Traffic With These 6 Essential Blog Tips












Are you interested in increasing traffic to your blog?





Momentum is key in blogging.  





It is a fact that the more you write, promote and optimize content consistently over time momentum builds and so does traffic.








Here are 6 essential blog tips that you simply can not ignore that will help you grow your blog traffic significantly by Ian Cleary, of RazorSocial.com







1.  Increase your Email Subscribers

  • As you build up your email subscribers every time you send out your email newsletter a percentage of those subscribers will click on the links and come to your website.
  • Always keep building your email subscribers.




2.  Optimize Your New Content

  • Optimizing your content for SEO is just about building a basic process for every piece of content you write.
  1. Do your keyword research using Keyword Planner – read Razar Social’s article here>> Google Keyword Planner article.
  2. Find keywords that have reasonable traffic but that are not that competitive.  To understand competition you need to understand domain and page authority.
  3. Write content and optimize it.




3. Create Content that Stands Out

  • You can’t create amazing content all the time but at least once a month you should write a killer post.
  • This could be an awesome guide to x, an infographic, a group post from a range of experts, etc.
  • a) Do your keyword research and target a term that’s a little more competitive than normal and gets more searches – Use Google Keyword Planner.
  • b) Optimize this post
  • c) Link to this post from other posts on your site, this will give it a little lift.



4.  Promote Your Content

  • You could have amazing content but if nobody knows about it then you will not get links back to it and links are key to increasing your ranking.
  • Social media is also an important way of promoting your content.
  • For example:
  • a) Somebody sees your article on Twitter and then they write a blog post and link to you.
  • b) Someone reads about you on Facebook and then when they want to look up something in relation to your area of expertise they search Google.
  • c) You share on Twitter and this content gets retweeted to lots of new people who never heard of you before.
  • Proactively build your social media traffic, interact with your community and share out your content.
  • Build a process you follow and implement tools to support this process.




5. Optimize Your Old Content

  • You can always squeeze some more traffic out of existing posts so don’t forget about them.
  • You can:
  • a)  See what posts get good traffic and do a little more optimization on those posts.
  • b) See what posts are not getting enough traffic, link to them from other posts, do guest posts linking to them and promote them again on social media.
  • c) Change the keywords your are targeting- reconsider the keywords you are chasing and go for easier keywords to rank on.



6. Write Popular Content

  • You don’t have to constantly come up with new and innovative ideas for your blog.
  • One of the best ways of getting links, shares and comments is writing content that has been popular for someone else.
  • It’s not about copying their content.
  • It’s about finding really popular content and writing a much better article.
  • Your article could take a different slant, it could be more up to date or it could be more in-depth.
  • If you use a tool like Topsy you can search for articles based on keywords that have the most links to the content.
  • If the content gets a ton of links then it must have been popular.
  • Or you can use Social Crawlytics to find articles on your competitor’s site that has the most shares.




Will you re-invent the wheel or do what works!







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