6 Lessons Learned About Business

6 Business Lessons You Must Learn









Life isn’t fair.





Some people are just born lucky…….born with……Talent. Drive. Focus.





“It doesn’t seem fair that some people have multiple talents that bring them raving fans while many of us struggle”……..says Adrienne Andreae (a freelance writer who hopes someday people will mistake her hard work for luck. Until then, you can check out her blog at Content Marketers Unite! Or connect with her on Google +.)





Here are Adrienne’s 6 business lessons for entrepreneurs





Lesson #1: Experiment Often

  • In your online business, experimentation is vital.
  • The online world changes daily.
  • You may be able to copy the big businesses in your field when you have little traffic.
  • But the sooner you begin to test your own voice and strategies, the sooner others will be able to distinguish you from the competition.



Lesson #2: Seek Feedback Every Day

  • There is much chatter online about the best way to get in front of people.
  • Yes, guest posting on a major blog will help you, but maybe you’re not ready for the big blogs yet.
  • That doesn’t mean you can stay silent.
  • You must get your business out there.
  • Only then you can see what works for you and what doesn’t.



Lesson #3: Stick With the Tough Decisions You Believe In

  • Innovative business shake up the norm.
  • They often provide service and products people do not realize they need.
  • If you decide to be innovative, you also must accept that you’ll be misunderstood.
  • And you may start to feel like you’ve gone too far.
  • Maybe they’re not ready for what you’ve created yet.
  • Maybe you should go back to being like everyone else.
  • Or maybe your marketing just needs a few tweaks until they understand.
  • It’s easy to give up on a good idea, but true innovators make them see what they’re missing.



Lesson #4: Make Precision a Goal

  • Precision in your online business could mean a slight change in your logo, a subject line, or your latest blog post’s call to action.
  • It’s the little things that create movement in your audience and encourages them to buy.



Lesson #5: Letting Go Moves You Forward

  • We often think of letting go of failures.
  • When you create a product that sells poorly, you naturally move on.
  • But it’s a lot harder to let go of your successes.
  • But you must let go of successes to make time to create new opportunities.
  • Let’s say you create a product that sells twice as well as you expected.
  • The temptation is to dwell on your success.
  • It feels so good to create something people love.
  • Unfortunately, if you hold on to a success too long, it becomes a failure.



Lesson #6: Use Everything You Know

  • Many of us start our online businesses after we’ve tried a career in another field.
  • Maybe you’ve had bosses you hated or jobs you stayed at too long.
  • When you finally start achieving your dream, you might feel like you should’ve started long ago.
  • Instead, consider it all experience.
  • When you start to look at everything you know as an asset, you might be surprised at how much you can use.







Do you ever look around and feel like you just don’t have a knack for something in your business?





Maybe it’s marketing or selling or writing.





Instead of worrying about whether you were born with talent, think of how you can develop a talent in that area.














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