6 Small Tweaks To Supercharge Your Copy

The 6 Simple Steps to Supercharge Your Copy by Writing Killer Copy That Converts





Writing copy that converts doesn’t have to be a brain-busting task. With the right steps, you’d be surprised at how quickly and easily you can supercharge your copy and create killer copy…..The kind of killer copy that will snag your reader’s attention, drag him back in kicking and screaming, and stomp on his greed glands until he’s boiling with desire and rushes to hand over his hard earned money.


Here are Hassan Ud-deen’s (a freelance blogger and email copywriter) 6 dead simple steps to create copy that sneaks up on your audience, slams a fist into their solar plexus, arrests their attention, and converts them into cash-generating customers.


Step 1: Get Intimate With Your Customers

  • You can have perfectly written copy and even a beautiful website and cool product….
  • But if you don’t have a white knuckle grasp on the agonizing pains and burning desires of your customers, your copy is as useful as a plastic toy knife in a gunfight.
  • Having a deep understanding of your customer’s desires and pains allows you to create copy that “hones in” on their deepest desires and shows how your product will solve their problems.
  • When you know the specifics of what’s worrying your customers, you can structure your copy around their pains and problems, immediately boosting its power.
  • Whereas sprinkling in specifics about where your customers are, what they want, and what success to them looks like will increase your chances of reeling people in.
  • Because not only are you speaking directly to them, but you also understand them.
  • Use surveys, send emails, dig through comments and reviews.
  • Whatever it takes to find the one thing your customers want the most. 
  • Then use your copy to show how you’ll give it to them.


Step 2: Ferret Out Greed-Gland Stomping Benefits

  • “When it comes to writing copy, far too much attention is paid to the actual writing and far too little is paid to ferreting out facts about that which the copywriter is trying to sell.”…….says Gary Halbert
  • A fact is just that, a fact about your product.
  • A benefit however, is what that fact will do for your customer. What value it will bring to his life?
  • This is where you load up, switch to full auto, and bombard your reader with benefit-driven bullet points that cause his heart to beat a little faster, stoke the flame of his desires, and create a burning itch that has to be scratched.
  • The best way to present your benefits is to use bullet points.
  • Make it as detailed as possible.
  • Use blind bulletswhen you give your prospect a clear image of the benefit he’ll receive, but you never reveal the specific secret or tip that you’re talking about.  The main benefit of blind bullets is that they create mini loopholes in your customer’s mind, which drags him down deeper into your copy.
  • Sprinkle in some open bulletswhen you give away the secret behind the benefit your reader will receive. Open bullets elevate the power of your copy. They increase the value of your blind bullets because you’re giving concrete usable information while indirectly boasting your expertise and knowledge.
  • Strengthen your bullets with action verbs and power wordsuse power words and action verbs to add vicious knockout power.
  • Be sure to cram your copy with as much benefits as possible; you never know which one will “catch” your reader.

Step 3: Dive In To Other Copy

  • The next step is to research other copy.
  • Analyze 3 classic winning sales letters and if possible, 3 modern sales letters.
  • What pain points is the copywriter targeting? What desires is he teasing? What words does he use? What’s the main sales message?
  • Scribble down anything that stands out to you, no matter how small it seems.
  • You never know what small tweaks will supercharge your copy.


Step 4: Let Your Ideas Incubate

  • By now, your brain will have absorbed a ton of information and you’ll have plenty of ideas to work with.
  • Your next task is to…
  • Do absolutely nothing (copy related) for a day or two.
  • Find something enjoyable.
  • Give your brain a break.
  • This will allow all those ideas in your head to simmer and let you subconsciously “connect the dots”.

Step 5: Slam Down Some Copy and Edit to Pack an Emotional Punch

  • Using your findings about: your customer’s pain points and desires, how other successful ads that sold something similar to yours were written, and how your product benefits your customers; start crafting your copy.
  • Once you have everything down, don’t forget to inject an emotional wallop into your copy by using stories and power words tailored around your customers desires and problems.
  • The main things to keep in mind are: 
  • Make your copy easy to read.
  • Use power words and and gripping action verbs.
  • Make your copy flow.
  • Each sentence should make the reader want to read on to the next.
  • All the way to the buy it now button.


Step 6: Shoulder Risk With an Iron Clad Guarantee

  • Your customer has read your ad, and is blown away and excited with the benefits of what you’re offering.
  • But there’s still one thing that can stop him cold….
  • Risk.
  • Think about it.
  • Would you hand over your hard earned cash if you weren’t sure that there is no risk on your part?
  • You wouldn’t, and the same applies to your customer.
  • He can’t see, touch, taste, feel and experience before buying.
  • That’s why backing up your product with a solid guarantee is imperative.
  • You have to eliminate the possibility of him being “taken”.
  • Crafting your own risk-reversing guarantee is simple…
  • Simply back your product up with cold, hard cash for a period of time after a purchase to show prospects they aren’t risking anything. Or provide a trial membership, and let them experience your awesome product before they even pay a cent.
  • Remember, the less risk people feel like there is in buying from you, the more likely they are to pounce on your product.



Writing converting copy doesn’t have to feel like a mind-numbingly intense task.  With the right steps you can create hard-hitting copy with ease.



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