6 Steps To Increase Engagement On Facebook

How To Increase Engagement On Facebook








Increase Engagement On Facebook With These 6 Steps







Here Are 6 Steps To Increasing Your Engagement On Facebook from Scott Ayres, of Post Planner….





1. Post Great Content

  • Your page should be consistently posting great content that gets users to engage with it.
  • It’s your page, so figure out what works best for you.

Remember there are 3 main post types — each with certain goals/expectations to keep in mind:

  • Text Only Status — posted to get Likes
  • Comments Photos/Videos — posted to get Likes
  • Comments & Shares Links — posted to drive traffic to your site (don’t expect engagement)



2) Prompt a Response

  • Have a clear Call to Action (CTA)!
  • Tell your fans to do something!
  • Don’t just assume they’ll click Like or leave a comment or click the link.
  • Tell them to do so.



3) Tag Relevant People in Photos

  • Caution – You should NEVER tag people in a photo to game the News Feed by making the tag show up on someone’s Timeline
  • Doing so is just spammy
  • If it’s an image of your staff, friends or business partners, then go ahead & tag them.
  • Clarification about how to do tagging – Is waiting about 10 minutes after the post has gone live before tagging.
  • This is a smart idea as the first wave of people have already seen the post & were exposed to it.
  • After 10 minutes, a new wave can be exposed to via tagging.



4) Post the First Comment

  • Wait about 10 minutes before commenting on your post.
  • Remember: the main goal here is to lengthen the life of the post — that’s why you should wait a few minutes.



5) Reply to Comments

  • You should always reply to as many comments as possible on your posts.
  • Replying to comments will also encourage others to comment — because fans know they’re being listened to.
  • Reply to comments with a similar word count…..for example, if someone writes a lengthy reply, you don’t want to just say “Thanks!” & that’s it.
  • Acknowledge the thought they put into the comment & reply in a similar fashion.



6) Get Off Facebook

  • This is the tough one
  • For the normal person running a Facebook business page, you don’t need to be on Facebook all day.
  • If you’re smart, you’ll use a Facebook marketing app like Post Planner to plan out a week or month’s worth of posts in advance — so you don’t waste time online every day.
  • When your scheduled post publishes, you hop over to your page & add tags, comments & replies.
  • Simply set aside some time a few times a day to work on your page.




If you use these 6 steps correctly,  you’ll find it rather effective at increasing the engagement on your posts.





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