6 Steps To Increase Engagement On Facebook

How To Increase Engagement On Facebook








Increase Engagement On Facebook With These 6 Steps







Here Are 6 Steps To Increasing Your Engagement On Facebook from Scott Ayres, of Post Planner….





1. Post Great Content

  • Your page should be consistently posting great content that gets users to engage with it.
  • It’s your page, so figure out what works best for you.

Remember there are 3 main post types — each with certain goals/expectations to keep in mind:

  • Text Only Status — posted to get Likes
  • Comments Photos/Videos — posted to get Likes
  • Comments & Shares Links — posted to drive traffic to your site (don’t expect engagement)



2) Prompt a Response

  • Have a clear Call to Action (CTA)!
  • Tell your fans to do something!
  • Don’t just assume they’ll click Like or leave a comment or click the link.
  • Tell them to do so.



3) Tag Relevant People in Photos

  • Caution – You should NEVER tag people in a photo to game the News Feed by making the tag show up on someone’s Timeline
  • Doing so is just spammy
  • If it’s an image of your staff, friends or business partners, then go ahead & tag them.
  • Clarification about how to do tagging – Is waiting about 10 minutes after the post has gone live before tagging.
  • This is a smart idea as the first wave of people have already seen the post & were exposed to it.
  • After 10 minutes, a new wave can be exposed to via tagging.



4) Post the First Comment

  • Wait about 10 minutes before commenting on your post.
  • Remember: the main goal here is to lengthen the life of the post — that’s why you should wait a few minutes.



5) Reply to Comments

  • You should always reply to as many comments as possible on your posts.
  • Replying to comments will also encourage others to comment — because fans know they’re being listened to.
  • Reply to comments with a similar word count…..for example, if someone writes a lengthy reply, you don’t want to just say “Thanks!” & that’s it.
  • Acknowledge the thought they put into the comment & reply in a similar fashion.



6) Get Off Facebook

  • This is the tough one
  • For the normal person running a Facebook business page, you don’t need to be on Facebook all day.
  • If you’re smart, you’ll use a Facebook marketing app like Post Planner to plan out a week or month’s worth of posts in advance — so you don’t waste time online every day.
  • When your scheduled post publishes, you hop over to your page & add tags, comments & replies.
  • Simply set aside some time a few times a day to work on your page.




If you use these 6 steps correctly,  you’ll find it rather effective at increasing the engagement on your posts.





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  1. When we concentrate on Facebook we do really well. You have to consider the time value of money. Not taking the time to leave comments is going to cost money, you just have to make sure the time value is there. Many people hire someone to do their social media for them. This should be someone who has taken time to learn what you are about and who posts accordingly.

  2. Hey Joan,

    I definitely agree with Ryan.. engaging with others way take you everywhere. People want to know who you are before they even think of doing business with you. Thanks for sharing!

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