6 Steps To Building A Global Audience

How To Build A Global Audience












Building a Global Engaged Audience





Here are 6 steps to building a global audience for your blog or business by author, Jeff Bullas





Careful planning and quality execution leads to success.





Step One – Identify your Passion and Innate Abilities

  • Powerful, long-lasting motivation is built upon 3 elements..
  • 1. Autonomy – the urge to direct our own lives.
  • 2. Mastery – the desire to get better and better at something that matters.
  • 3. Purpose – the yearning to do what we do in the service of something larger than ourselves.
  • A lot of people struggle their entire lives to discover what they should be doing as a career.
  • “Never underestimate the vital importance of finding early in life the work that for you is play. This turns possible underachievers into happy warriors.” – famous economist Dr. Paul Samuelson
  • Work that is play is the combination of innate ability and aptitude combined with passion to create; a synergy that lubricates life’s journey.
  1. What questions should you be asking to discover work that is play?
  2. What comes easily to you?
  3. What do you read about till 2.30 in the morning?
  4. What gets you up at 4.30am?
  5. What do you enjoy doing?
  6. What kind of things do people compliment you on?
  7. What activities give your spirit energy?



Step Two – Create a Plan and Marketing Strategy

  • A plan that will keep you on track, and ensure that you don’t deviate towards dead ends or get distracted, is essential.
  • Here is a simple 5- step strategy that will ensure that you select the right tactics and tools to reach the right audience in the most efficient manner.
  • 1.  Identify Target Audience(s)
  • Make sure that when you build your social networks, you have an audience that wants to listen and engage.
  • 2.  Set Goals
  • Goals keep you on track like a guided missile, but they need to be quantitative (how many) and timely.
  • 3.  Select Marketing Tactics and Tools to Achieve Goals
  • If your audience is on Facebook,  the marketing tactics you use could include:
  • Installing a Facebook social plugin on the blog.
  • Making it easy to ‘like” your Facebook page from your daily/ weekly email newsletter or on your blog posts.
  • Brainstorm similar tactics for all of the other social media services you intend to use.
  • 4.  Monitor and Measure
  • It is important to monitor your success and your failures to see if people are subscribing or unsubscribing.
  • This allows you to change tactics that aren’t working, and find ones that do.
  • 5.  Rinse and Repeat
  • Now that you are finding what works and what doesn’t you can focus on doing more of what does, and less of what doesn’t



Step Three – Building the Blog and Blogging Basics

  • Passion, a plan and learning the blogging basics is just the start of the journey – then you need to come up with the ideas and then create the content that engages your audience.
  • Blog building essentials:
  • Buy your Own Domain Name
  • Choose Your Medium
  • Use the medium that lets your passion shine….whether it’s speaking on video, or with written words, or a combination of both 🙂
  • Provide Social Media Share Buttons
  • Provide Buttons For People to Subscribe To Your Social Media Channels
  • Allow Readers to Subscribe via RSS and Email
  • Regularly Publish Content to your Blog
  • ‘About’ or ‘Bio’ Menu Tab
  • Include any interesting facts about yourself that a potential reader could make a connection with, such as “off-topic” hobbies or interests.
  • Good Headlines
  • You only have a few seconds before the reader decide whether they want to read your post or not, so a headline that compels and teases blog and tweet readers to get to the end of your post.
  • Social Comment System That Displays Comments and Reactions
  • Don’t make it hard for people to post a comment!



Step Four – Creating Content that Engages Your Audience

  • The foundation for any long lasting engagement on the web that will keep people coming back is content that educates, inspires and solves problems.
  • Come up with ideas for content consistently.
  • Write headlines that will compel the reader to read.
  • The headline is the start of the seduction
  • Structure the article so that the reader wants to keep on reading.
  • We live in a world of ever decreasing attention and the art of keeping the reader engaged has now become an ongoing creative and scientific experiment of verbal and visual seduction.



Step Five – How to Market to a Global Audience with Social Media

  • The most vital step after content creation in the blogger’s journey is to learn the art of marketing.
  • Social media marketing is the most efficient way to spread your content and ideas to a global audience.
  • The idea is to go beyond being just ‘Facebook Centric’ and provide substance, endurance and longevity to your on-line presence



Step Six – Maintaining the Momentum

  • The combination of innate ability and passion that you discovered and drove you from day one are true to your purpose then maintaining momentum will not be difficult.
  • Here are 3 key activities to maintain the energy and the forward motion:
  • Reading – It doesn’t matter if it is offline or online reading; it provides new ideas that will keep the inspiration flowing.
  • Sharing – Talking to your tribe of likeminded people whether it is on Twitter or over a coffee or lunch will provide you with new insights and fuel to maintain the blogging momentum.
  • Disrupting – Push yourself into new areas that will challenge you and will keep you learning and motivated.




Starting the journey is the easy part but true success is found in the persistence which will bring true self-discovery and a life that becomes a masterpiece.





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