6 Ways To Develop Persistency In Your Home Business

6 Ways To Develop Persistency In Your Home Business….Starting Today!










How can you build persistency in your home business?






These 6 tips from my friend Ryan Biddulph will help you build persistency in your home business….starting today….









Tip#1 – Build a Vision

  • Build a living, breathing, pulsating vision of yourself in possession of your goal.
  • Live it.
  • Breathe it.
  • Feel it into existence.
  • Pros do this.
  • Persistent pros see the finish line, then take each step daily to reach the finish line.
  • So much easier to persist if you know you are finishing.
  • Visualizing keeps you persistent.




Tip#2 – Make a Blanket Decision

  • Make a blanket decision to work your proven system day in and day out.
  • No excuses.
  • No bullshit.
  • No whining, no crying, no complaining.
  • Just do it.
  • Day after day.
  • Persistently.
  • Decide to ward off any impulse to make excuses, or complain, or explain away why you didn’t persist.



Tip#3 – Study Inspirational Figures

  • Did you know Abe Lincoln was pretty much a loser until he was older in life?
  • OK a bit harsh, but he was basically a nobody from nowhere, until he received inspiration from the death of the woman he loved.
  • Instead of turning to a bottle Lincoln transmuted this energy to transform himself into one of the most influential people in human history.
  • Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Les Brown,  Dani Johnson and Tony Robbins are a few more………….




Tip#4 – Get on the Clock

  • Time your tasks.
  • Stop wasting time.
  • Stop BSing.
  • Persistent people work off a clock, keep on task.
  • Quitters generally have no clue what they are doing.
  • Seriously, days pass by and quitters have no idea what they did, work wise.
  • Just aimless wandering, hour after hour.
  • Block up your day.
  • Work in 30 or 60 minute blocks, take a break, then go back to your work.
  • Taking breaks keeps you fresh, and persistent.
  • Staying on the block keeps you accountable.





Tip#5 – Meditate

  • Meditation reveals your blocks, your feelings, whatever goes on in your mind, to you.
  • Thoughts, impulses, worries, beliefs, all that good stuff.
  • You see your mind as it really is.
  • Realize this: you are likely programmed to quit because virtually everyone around you likes to quit.
  • This is why truly noteworthy, famous, successful wealthy people are so few.
  • Everybody else gives up, outside of these select few.
  • Meditation simply reveals to you the emotions blocking your success.




Tip#6 – Over Deliver

  • Over deliver.
  • Over delivering makes you hungry to over deliver each day, and this impulse keeps you persistent as hell.
  • Up the ante.
  • Raise the bar.
  • With each blog posts, video, article, whatever.
  • Aim to improve each day.
  • Each time you fire up the laptop.
  • Each work day.






Can you think of any more tips for how to stay persistent?






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  1. Thank you Joan!

    All of these tips are absolutely true and relevant. Persistence is indeed a virtue that not too many possess and that is why the stats show about 5% of people who start any sort of business will be truly successful.

    It is nice to follow the clues of the successful and persist until we too get that coveted key 🙂

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