7 Proven Lead Magnets That Will Improve Your Conversions

Improve Your Conversions With These 7 Proven Lead Magnets





The #1 thing you need to master as a business owner or blogger, is conversion.


“You have to know how to convert normal, everyday traffic to leads and prospects.  It doesn’t matter if your visitors are coming from the search results, paid traffic, referrals or affiliates – knowing how to get them on your email list is key, so you can market to them effectively in the future”………says Jason Drohn




Here are 7 proven lead magnets that will help you to improve your conversions


1.  Report or Guide

  • With reports, the more clearly you state the benefit, the better your conversions and lead costs will be
  • Things to watch when it comes to PDF downloads are:
  • You MUST, MUST, MUST deliver value.
  • Your reader should have the ability to DO something contained in the report that will give them gratification of some kind.
  • There should be at least a little bit of bonding that takes place in the report, so your new lead gets to learn a little more about you!
  • A good length for a free report is 8 to 12 pages, normal spacing and typefaces.
  • Most important of all – it needs to focus on ONE specific, clearly identified problem!


2.  Cheat Sheet or Process Map

  • Process maps cut through a lot of BS real quick.
  • In a lot of instances, the sequence of events is what trips people up when they’re trying to accomplish a certain task, be it setting up a website or editing a perfect black and white photo.
  • By outlining a complicated process and breaking it down into small, easily understandable chunks you’re doing your readers an incredible service.
  • They’ll know that you:
  • Have the ‘process’ down to a science (increasing trust…)
  • Are able to perform that process for them or teach them how to do it themselves
  • Both of those outcomes lead to more sales for you, in a very short amount of time!


3.  Software

  • The beauty of software is that it’s core function is to solve a problem for users, instantly.
  • Plus, there’s an immediate gratification element to it that can’t be matched.
  • The best way to turn your software into a lead magnet is to have a ‘No Credit Card – Free Trial’ set up.
  • They get full access to all of the features of your software, and after 7 days or 14 days they need to join to keep using it.
  • It also means that by giving away free accounts for the first 14 days or so, it holds a LOT of value to them!
  • If they use it, they start paying.  If not, they just abandon their account.


4.  Checklists

  • Much like ‘Process Maps,’ checklists are awesome tools for describing a set of actions that someone needs to take to accomplish a task correctly, without actually giving them the tools and the training to do it…
  • With a well thought out checklist, you can demonstrate that you know the material inside and out, and also point out things that your prospect might be missing!
  • This is great for getting them to raise their hand and say that they need your help!


5.  Videos

  • The point of video is to move them along in the sales process, and it’s almost impossible to do if the video isn’t engaging.
  • If you’re demonstrating something that’s highly visual then video is a good medium to share that content.
  • If you’re doing something that’s NOT visual, like talking about marketing strategy, or explaining the big benefit of life coaching – a video lead magnet is a bad way to go.
  • You’re far better served to choose some kind of PDF download that you can give away…


6.  Tutorials

  • Point and click tutorials for teaching make excellent lead magnets, like this one Lead Fire
  • Another example is one of the biggest tutorial sites online…..Envato Network’s TutsPlus


7.  Quiz or Survey

  • With quizzes or surveys, you can get feedback from your readers a bit differently.
  • When you use a survey as a lead magnet, your lead conversion will most likely drop…But your engagement will be a lot higher, meaning you’ll have better quality leads!
  • It’s all in how you set them up!
  • A great tool to get started with these is Interact.



Which one of these lead magnets will you try on your blog?  Would love to hear how they worked out for you, please leave a comment below…..



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