7 Steps To Help Your Business Be More Customer-Centric

Here are the 7 steps that you need to help your business become more customer-centric








Customer-centric selling starts by encouraging potential customers to tell you about their problems…..then, it continues with guiding them down a path to the right solution.



Customers gain the benefit of solving core business problems, and businesses like yours generate revenue by solving them.





Here are the 7 steps to becoming a customer-centric business by David Passiak , Kissmetrics






1. Establish Trust First, Sell Second

  • Loyalty and trust are the foundation of every business relationship.
  • Don’t rush to sell before understanding what customers need.
  • Establish confidence and trust.
  • Know your customer pain points and core needs first.



2. Sell Solutions, Not Products

  • People check your website or contact you because they have a problem that needs to be solved.
  • They don’t clearly understand what they want or need.
  • It’s your job to be the expert.
  • Asking the right questions makes selling an ongoing conversation about customer needs.
  • All of your solutions need to provide answers to real customer questions



3. Manage Ongoing Relationships

  • Remember that the first sale marks the beginning of a journey you are taking together with your customer.
  • You need to put in place some best practices for how to go from selling to servicing your customers:
  • Make proper introductions to new team members and make smooth transitions from sales to customer service.
  • Check in periodically about how things are going.



4. Map the Customer Journey

  • The needs of your customers evolve over time, and, with every new product or service, there is a learning curve.
  • Be their partner along the journey, guiding them from the basics to more advanced capabilities.
  • This type of ongoing engagement increases customer retention by making you a core part of their daily operations
  • Month 1: Teach the basics of how to use your product and services.
  • Months 2-3: Build upon the foundation of trust and show advanced capabilities.



5. Create Feedback Loops

  • When customers hit certain milestones check in with them
  • Demonstrate the value of your products and services each step of the way
  • In an effort to continue to build trust and assurance with your clients, regularly ask for feedback.
  • Creating feedback loops allows you to proactively keep people from losing interest and to continually engage your users.



6. Use Data to Sound More Human

  • Thousands of people are having conversations across the social web.
  • It’s impossible for humans to keep up with them all.
  • There are platforms ( like…Crescendo—Attention Buying Platformthat can help you identify opportunities to join conversations when your messaging is relevant.
  • It will provide a complete end-to-end solution that allows you to sound more conversational, relevant, and human.



7. Be Proactive

  • There is no “one solution” that is right for every business to use with its customers.
  • Focus on identifying similar types of customer needs, and be proactive in creating solutions that can be standardized for similar types of customers.
  • Patterns will start to emerge over time, and you will be able to create solution types that can be repeated and scaled.





The key to success for your business,  is to do things that are mutually beneficial for everyone involved who all share that one common goal and purpose……to become more customer-centric.





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  1. Hi Joan,

    The first two here i feel are very important concepts to grasp, you need to make personal deposits in building a relationship first with people before making a withdrawal. People never buy products or companies unless they have a loyalty to something so always sell a solution to a problem. Great tips thanks for sharing!


  2. Joan, You are so right with this blog. Providing tons of value without expecting anything in return along with building relationships will take your business to the next level. Great post and value as always.

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