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How To Create Quality Content In 6 Easy Steps












Here’s How To Create Quality Content That Your Readers Will Love





Content marketing is now more important than ever in managing an online presence.



Article writing will give your efforts an advantage to get ahead of the competition, increase exposure, and create an authoritative brand that delivers long-term results.







Discover how to write great articles using the How to Create Quality Content in 6 Steps graphic from Ezine Articles






Your audience wants quality content.



Avoid getting lost in the details and stay on the proven path to writing success with these 6 steps from Ezine Articles….


Step 1 – Prewriting:

    • Know your audience’s needs, wants, goals, and obstacles
    • Brainstorm solutions
    • Form an original hypothesis (a proposition made as a basis for reasoning, without any assumption of its truth)
    • Research what has been and is being said by credible sources
    • Consider what’s not being said


Step 2 – Outline:

  • Choose a format that best suits the topic
  • List all the main points
  • Organize related ideas together
  • Create sub headings



Step 3 – Draft:

  • Be creative
  • Lead with originality
  • Deliver quality



Step 4 – Revise:

  • Trim 10% of your article
  • Remove redundant content
  • Review for holes in logic



Step 5 – Proofread:

  • Spelling
  • Commonly misused words
  • Punctuation (especially apostrophes and commas)
  • Sentence structure, run-on sentences, and awkward syntax
  • Excessive parentheticals in the form of parentheses, commas, and hyphens



Step 6 – Final Edits:

  • Ask a family member, friend, or peer to review your work
  • Read and repeat any steps as needed





Now you are ready to utilize these 6 Easy Steps from Ezine Articles and make your articles really stand out for your readers.





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