7 Ways You Can Generate More Customers

How To Generate More Customers To Your Blog Or Website








Every successful business shares a common thread; clear and concise goals



Goals are just as critical as the results themselves; therefore creating a realistic plan is essential.






Use the acronym SMART to paint the picture.









Here are the 7 ways you can generate more customers from John Bonini, IMPACT



1.   Set Smart Business Goals

  • Specific – Set real numbers and real deadlines.
  • Measurable – If there is no way to track and measure your progress, how can you achieve the ultimate goal?
  • Attainable – Unrealistic goals can actually lead to failure just as quickly as having no goals at all can.
  • Realistic – Know you and your teams capabilities.
  • Timebound – Set strict deadlines for yourself



2.  Develop Buyer Personas

  • Do you know who your ideal prospect is and what their challenges, goals, and needs are?
  • Not only should you have a detailed picture of who your target audience is, you should also know the personality traits of your prospects.
  • Personas are fictional representations of your ideal prospects based on real data and information regarding customer demographics and online behavior.
  • How exactly do you go about creating one?
  • Segment by Demographics
  • Identify their Needs
  • Develop Behavior-Based Profiles
  • Developing a profile of each personas typical online behavior
  • Ask yourself what their online experience looks like.
  • What do they do online?
  • Read blogs?
  • Download ebooks?
  • Interact on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest?
  • What search terms are they using to find solutions?
  • What types of information do they consume online?
  • Educational?
  • News?
  • Industry trends?
  • What product or services are they spending the most time researching?
  • As a result, you can now market more effectively to your ideal prospects by having a more targeted approach.



3.  Choose Your Keywords

  • Keywords play an essential role in regards to increasing your search engine visibility and driving more organic traffic to your website.
  • Start by properly identifying the nature of the product or service you’re offering, and ask yourself what your ideal prospects would be typing into the search engines in order to find that product or service.
  • Include your keywords in:
  • • Page titles
  • • Blog headlines
  • • Website/blog copy 2-3 times
  • • Meta descriptions
  • • Meta tags for images
  • • Page URL
  • Appropriately implement keywords to all pages on your website



4.  Blog Regularly

  • When it comes to creating an impact with your blog, consistency means everything.
  • There’s a direct correlation between how often you’re blogging, to how much traffic and leads your website is generating.
  • How Often Should You Blog
  • As much as you can.
  • Whether that works out to be three times a week, or twice a day, it’s whatever works for you.
  • Here are some blogging rules and statistics you should know:
  • Blog as much as possible!
  • The more you blog, the more indexed pages you are creating in the search engines.
  • Blogs create more traffic
  • Blogs generate more leads
  • Be consistent when you blog.
  • Your readers like knowing when they can expect a new article.



5.  Create Attractive Offers

  • What would your ideal prospect be interested in learning more about?
  • If you’re looking to generate more qualified leads from your website, than this should be reflected in the type of offers you’re creating and offering.
  • Don’t be afraid to spice things up as well.
  • Diversity in your offer creation will certainly yield more positive results, as you’ll be more effectively engaging your website visitors.
  • You can create as many offers as you like, but if no one takes you up on the offer, then it’s useless.
  • The trick here is to sell to somebody without them feeling sold to
  • Appeal to “top of the funnel” website visitors, aka visitors that are not ready to buy.



6.  Utilize Email Marketing

  • All leads generated on your website are at different levels of the buying cycle.
  • By sending your leads more relevant content, you’ll see a dramatic increase in your email open and click rates.
  • Be more personable…..Consumers love seeing you know a little bit about them.
  • Not only does it let them know they’re not part of a high-volume email blast, but it also drastically increases their likelihood of a purchase.



7.   Sales and Marketing Alignment

  • Set up closed-loop reporting
  • All of your marketing initiatives have a cost.
  • Each blog posts, ebook, and page your eventual customers visit had a cost to produce
  • Define quality lead
  • In order for the sales team to close more sales, they need more qualified leads.
  • In order for marketing to create the content necessary to generate qualified leads, they need to know what these leads are interested in.
  • Define levels of your sales funnel 
  • It’s important for both the marketing and sales teams to fully understand the levels of the company sales funnel, and the marketing and sales initiatives that should follow
  • Ensuring sales and marketing alignment will give your marketing team a more targeted direction and deliver more high-quality leads to your sales team.




“The key step to generating qualified leads is to fully define your buyer personas,” sats Caputa. “Then create content that will resonate with them at each step of their buying process. If you find that you’re unable to connect 1:1 with your leads at the right rate, leads unsubscribe from your email lists at a high rate, or you’re always attracting a low level influencer, you’re not creating the right content. Step back, define personas and map your content and editorial calendar to the personas and their buying stages.”

-Peter Caputa, Director of Channel Sales and Marketing at HubSpot





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  1. Hi Joan,

    Each tip works so well. Blogging persistently helps me attract more cash gifting team members, readers and heck, fans. Be regular. Post at least once daily, more than that if you want to reel them in.

    I generate over 10,000 visits daily on my blog by building a huge network and posting 2-3 times daily. I do bust my tail but it is worth it because I know how many folks I am inspiring to live the internet lifestyle appreciate my sharing.

    Great post again Joan. Keep on sharing the practical, easy to digest content. You are spreading the good word here.


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