7 Ways to Optimize to Get Better Leads

How To Optimize and Get Better Leads









Your form is the epicenter of your lead conversion efforts on your website.





Without forms, lead generation doesn’t happen.





Make sure you’re doing everything you can to optimize your conversion forms.





Have you forgotten to give your conversion forms some love?







Here are 7 ways to optimize your conversion forms to get better leads by Diana Urban , Head of Conversion Marketing at HubSpot.





1) Move your form above the fold.

  •  Your form should be above the fold on your landing page — meaning, the visitor should not have to scroll down on the page in order to see the form.




2) Make your form headline a call-to-action.

  • Encourage visitors to take the final step and complete that form by including a call-to-action directly above the form.
  • If you’re unsure what to say in this space, here are some examples:
  • Get your free [OFFER]
  • Sign up for [OFFER]
  • Register for [WEBINAR/EVENT] now!
  • Yes, I want this [OFFER]
  • Download the [OFFER]
  • Claim your [OFFER] now!
  • Save your seat at [WEBINAR/EVENT]




3) Include the right number of fields.

  • The length of your form will depend on a couple things:
  • The offer’s stage in your buying cycle – For example, if you’re giving away a free checklist or infographic, you might only want to collect first name, last name, and email. But if you’re giving away something more substantial like an ebook or whitepaper, indicating that people are further along the research process, you may want to ask for more detailed information.
  • How many leads you generate – If your sales team has too many leads to sift through every one, add more fields to your forms so your reps can better qualify each lead, and know which ones are worth calling. And yes, this is an awesome problem to have.




4) Make it easy to see which form fields are required.

  • If you’re still wary about how long your form is, determine which information is must-have vs. nice-to-have.
  • Required fields are typically denoted with an asterisk (*). Optional fields will not have an asterisk.
  • So make sure that on your forms, you clearly denote which fields are required and which are optional.




5) Hide previously-completed fields.

  • For first-time visitors, HubSpot’s conversion forms are long.
  • We get a lot of leads, so we need those extra fields to determine lead quality and correctly rotate the leads to the right reps.
  • But we only show these extra fields the first time a visitor completes the form.
  • By enabling smart form fields, we get the information we need from the contact the first time she signs up to receive an offer, but we create a better user experience for her the next time she returns, increasing her chances of reconverting on a second offer.




6) Make your submit button say something other than “submit.”

  • Your submit button is more than just a button — it’s a final opportunity to convince your visitors that they should fill out those last few fields.
  • Leaving “submit” as the submit button text on your form is a missed opportunity. You should customize this copy based on whatever the offer is.
  • Here are some examples:
  • Download this ebook
  • Sign me up for a demo
  • Show me this presentation
  • Claim your coupon
  • Save your seat




7) Ensure your visitors’ privacy.

  • Link to your privacy policy either next to your email field label or at the bottom of your form below the submit button.
  • This will help assure visitors hesitant about giving you their personal information that you will not share that information with any third parties.
  • It will also make you seem trustworthy and credible, and will increase your conversions.





If you need help determining what should go on your privacy page, here’s a link directly to HubSpot’s privacy policy — just so you can get some ideas.







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