What Are The 8 Must-Have Ingredients For A Delicious Blog Post?


The 8 Must-Have Ingredients For A Delicious Blog Post






The web is full of bland content.



How can you write blog posts that are so good that they make your readers crave for more?





Here are 8 must-have ingredients for a delicious blog post by Henneke …….Enjoy!





1. A tantalizing headline

  • A delicious menu description encourages more people to buy – research has proven it.
  • Just like a mouthwatering menu description, your headline needs to make people yearn to read your post.
  • How?
  • Make your headline sensory and specific, and more readers will be tempted to click through.



2. An opening that makes you want to have more

  • What’s the purpose of your opening paragraph?
  • Your aim is to get readers to sit down to read your post.
  • To write your opening paragraph, visualize your ideal reader and sketch a scene he recognizes, because it makes him feel you’ve written the post for him.
  • Then promise him you’ll help him with a sneaky tip, a quick checklist, or advice that makes him feel better.
  • Your reader is busy.
  • He could be reading hundreds of other blog posts.
  • Make him feel that your post is unmissable because of the fun and value you’ll offer.



3. Subheads that seduce scanners to start reading

  • Just like headlines, subheads need to arouse curiosity.
  • You need to tempt scanners to start reading; and you need to entice wandering minds to concentrate on reading again.
  • Intrigue with a bold statement.

  • Arouse curiosity with a surprising idea.
  • Or promise a delicious tip.
  • Subheads are simply shorter versions of headlines.
  • Don’t miss this opportunity to seduce people to read your precious words and valuable advice.



4. Bite-sized sentences

  • To avoid spoiling your content, read your post slowly sentence by sentence:
  • Does each sentence add meaning? Or can you cut whole sentences?
  • Can you scrap words to tighten your sentence?
  • Can you make a wishy-washy sentence more specific?
  • Next, read your post aloud.
  • Are you stumbling over clumsy phrases?
  • Does the rhythm sound smooth?



5. Breathing space

  • Before hitting publish, review the look of your blog post.
  • Is there enough white space to allow readers to rest their eyes and help them glide through the text effortlessly?
  • You can usually spot one or two paragraphs that may put people off reading because they look too dense.
  • Cut these paragraphs in two, or move one sentence to the next paragraph.
  • Be generous with white space to make reading your blog post pleasurable.



6. Inspiration for dessert

  • Don’t serve up a dull summary at the end of your blog post.
  • Add an extra tip, take away an obstacle in your reader’s mind, or give some pep talk to inspire your readers.
  • Whatever you do, don’t let your blog posts fizzle out with a bland summary.



7. A feeling of satisfaction

  • Your readers don’t come to read a technically perfect post.
  • They want to learn something.
  • They want to be inspired.
  • Adding value is more important that perfect grammar.



8. A sprinkling of love

  • Blogging isn’t about writing and hitting publish.
  • Blogging isn’t one-way communication.
  • Blogging is about creating meaningful connections.
  • You can only win business with your blog if you add a sprinkle of care, love, and YOU.

  • Readers don’t just want valuable content.
  • They want more.
  • They want to hear your voice.
  • They want to get the feeling you’re sitting down together for a meal, a glass of wine, and a good conversation.




 Now go out and make your next blog post delicious!!!!





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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

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0 Replies to “What Are The 8 Must-Have Ingredients For A Delicious Blog Post?”

  1. Nice list of things that create engagement with readers of your blog. I also find it helpful to highlight (with bold and italics) key sentences throughout an article so if you read them you have an idea of the topic, and hopefully read further.

  2. Thanks to tips like yours, it is easier to write a weekly blog. Objectively speaking (if thats possible) I am doing all you speak of. I used myself as a guide and don’t do what I have trouble with. Long, dense, lots of text with no subheads or graphics turn me off. I want to skim, get the essence and thank the blogger.

    1. Awesome Roz! Thank you for your comments! Really appreciate your insights my friend! Glad you found the blog post useful!

  3. What great tips and I love the way you have written it. Certainly not dull! I love the inspiration for dessert and sprinkling of love 🙂 There is no point in writing a great post only to let it fall flat at the end and with the follow up with your readers. This is a great reminder!

  4. Bite size sentences – LOVE THAT! Too many long paragraphs online leave the eye feeling overwhelmed. People scan the internet, they don’t read it unless while scanning something catches their eye.

    I don’t think it’s much different blogging than writing any other genre, generally speaking.

    Intro – tell them what you’re going to tell them
    Body – tell them
    Conclusion – tell them what you told them

    What do you think?

  5. I love how you used cooking terms! You have a delicious blog here! I found this very helpful, soon I can have a delicious blog everyone wants to savor.

  6. You are right, the web is full of bland and boring content. One thing I always alm with my blogs is to bring value and give useful and easy to apply advice. Thanks for this reminder to make our articles more interesting and attractive.

  7. A very delicious article that kept me reading. Very good tips that I need to remember for evaluation prior to publishing. I typically run my articles past my husband before I publish. Another set of eyes and another mind reading out loud is very helpful for me. Thanks.

  8. Love how you are appealing to the visual and emotional responses of your reader Joan, and then writing the post for them!

    I agree the format is also very important, the space around something gives the eye the distinction to see it clearly… I find so much of my retail Visual Merchandising skills are translated into blog formatting for commercial purposes.

    The personal touch is perfect!!

    Jacs 🙂

  9. Hi Joan,

    Lady you sure practice what you say in this post; from beginning to end. I have never heard it explained this way before but it definitely caught my attention and held it.

    Good job of writing and explaining.

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