What Are The 8 Must-Have Ingredients For A Delicious Blog Post?


The 8 Must-Have Ingredients For A Delicious Blog Post






The web is full of bland content.



How can you write blog posts that are so good that they make your readers crave for more?





Here are 8 must-have ingredients for a delicious blog post by Henneke …….Enjoy!





1. A tantalizing headline

  • A delicious menu description encourages more people to buy – research has proven it.
  • Just like a mouthwatering menu description, your headline needs to make people yearn to read your post.
  • How?
  • Make your headline sensory and specific, and more readers will be tempted to click through.



2. An opening that makes you want to have more

  • What’s the purpose of your opening paragraph?
  • Your aim is to get readers to sit down to read your post.
  • To write your opening paragraph, visualize your ideal reader and sketch a scene he recognizes, because it makes him feel you’ve written the post for him.
  • Then promise him you’ll help him with a sneaky tip, a quick checklist, or advice that makes him feel better.
  • Your reader is busy.
  • He could be reading hundreds of other blog posts.
  • Make him feel that your post is unmissable because of the fun and value you’ll offer.



3. Subheads that seduce scanners to start reading

  • Just like headlines, subheads need to arouse curiosity.
  • You need to tempt scanners to start reading; and you need to entice wandering minds to concentrate on reading again.
  • Intrigue with a bold statement.

  • Arouse curiosity with a surprising idea.
  • Or promise a delicious tip.
  • Subheads are simply shorter versions of headlines.
  • Don’t miss this opportunity to seduce people to read your precious words and valuable advice.



4. Bite-sized sentences

  • To avoid spoiling your content, read your post slowly sentence by sentence:
  • Does each sentence add meaning? Or can you cut whole sentences?
  • Can you scrap words to tighten your sentence?
  • Can you make a wishy-washy sentence more specific?
  • Next, read your post aloud.
  • Are you stumbling over clumsy phrases?
  • Does the rhythm sound smooth?



5. Breathing space

  • Before hitting publish, review the look of your blog post.
  • Is there enough white space to allow readers to rest their eyes and help them glide through the text effortlessly?
  • You can usually spot one or two paragraphs that may put people off reading because they look too dense.
  • Cut these paragraphs in two, or move one sentence to the next paragraph.
  • Be generous with white space to make reading your blog post pleasurable.



6. Inspiration for dessert

  • Don’t serve up a dull summary at the end of your blog post.
  • Add an extra tip, take away an obstacle in your reader’s mind, or give some pep talk to inspire your readers.
  • Whatever you do, don’t let your blog posts fizzle out with a bland summary.



7. A feeling of satisfaction

  • Your readers don’t come to read a technically perfect post.
  • They want to learn something.
  • They want to be inspired.
  • Adding value is more important that perfect grammar.



8. A sprinkling of love

  • Blogging isn’t about writing and hitting publish.
  • Blogging isn’t one-way communication.
  • Blogging is about creating meaningful connections.
  • You can only win business with your blog if you add a sprinkle of care, love, and YOU.

  • Readers don’t just want valuable content.
  • They want more.
  • They want to hear your voice.
  • They want to get the feeling you’re sitting down together for a meal, a glass of wine, and a good conversation.




 Now go out and make your next blog post delicious!!!!





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