8 Simple Ways To Boost Your Social Media Marketing

How To Boost Your Social Media Marketing












Every day, your audience is bombarded with tons of information, and they don’t know how to process it.






Want to hold the attention of distracted, super-busy prospects?




Want to make a statement in less than 3 seconds?




Try visuals.






“The new trend on social media is representing big chunks of data in easy-to-grasp visual formats”…….says Pooja Lohana an Online Business Coach + Writer & Editor and Content Marketer at HindSiteInc






A lot of internet users are visual learners.






This means they’re driven to read and share your content if it is accompanied by interesting visuals such as infographics and relevant images.






It’s not rocket science to conclude that by including visual content in your marketing strategy, you are giving your potential customers what they want.

  • They don’t want to sift through your long copy.
  • They want you to present information quickly, and efficiently.
  • Plus, visuals are easily remembered, attractive, and can act as road maps telling your audience what to do next.






Stand out from your competitors by listening to what your audience wants.








Here Are 8 Simple Ways to Use Visual Content and Boost Your Social Media Marketing by Pooja Lohana, guest blogger for Firepole Marketing







1. Know Your Audience

  • Visual content works better in new social media with a younger audience, as compared to those over age 50.
  • If your target audience tends to be younger than 50, make use of inspiring images and videos for your social media campaigns.
  • Always test and refine your own results along with outside advice.




2. Blend Visual and Mobile

  • Close to half of all social media traffic comes from mobile phones.
  • If you don’t have a responsive website yet (a website that works on mobile phones without breaking out), make it a priority for 2014.
  • Consider offering smaller, suitable photos for your mobile site.
  • With mobile, less is always more.




3. Use Infographics

  • There are 4 components to any good infographic: design, data, story and shareability.
  • Using infographics, you can instill a big chunk of data into interesting, easy-to-grasp visual snippets for your audience.
  • When done right, your infographics can quickly go viral, which means more brand awareness and lead generation for your business.
  • One great tool to create free and cool infographics is Visme.




4. Spice Things Up

  • Choose your visual content from a palette of images, infographics, videos, animations, and real human pictures.
  • Make sure your images add meaning to your text and don’t just occupy white space on your web page.
  • And always, always be sure that you follow the copyright laws about using online images.
  • Use your visual content to weave a story – have a beginning, middle and an end.
  • This makes users curious for your future posts.




5. Add Calls-to-Action to Your Images

  • Make consuming your visual content as easy as possible for your audience.
  • Help them connect the dots from what’s going on in your visual to what they should do next by adding text or a call to action to your images.
  • Text will give your photo an edge over others, especially if you direct your audience’s thinking in a way that would be most beneficial to them.




6. Crowdsource Visual Content

  • Instead of creating your own content, why not invite your readers to create it for you? 
  • If you can invite your community to create images or videos to help solve a problem – like naming a new product or promoting your newest training program – they will be more than happy to chime in simply because the idea is engaging and fun.




7. Add Your Visual Goodies on Slideshare

  • Slideshare is a social media network that was originally created as a place to post your powerpoint presentations.
  • The site receives over 60 million visitors each month, with the main demographic being business to business consumers who are looking for educational content.
  • Take advantage of this new social media site, and be sure to add your presentations, images, videos, animations, and any other visual content strategy you’d like to share with your audience!



8. Watermark Your Content

  • You don’t know how far your content will travel.
  • Always add a watermark to make sure you receive due credit.
  • This post talks more about adding a watermark to your images on Pinterest and guarding them against theft.






Are you using visual content to connect with your audience? 







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