8 Tips For Making Your Customer Give You What You Want

How To Make Your Customer Give You What You Want









Businesses that don’t think about social media strategies that will help them create long-term relationships will have a harder time finding success.





The bottom line: businesses can use Facebook and other social media efforts in the context of customer relationship management (CRM)  so that they can nurture relationships over the long haul.





 CRM + Social = Power.





Here are 8 tips from Jim Belosic of Socially Stacked that can help your business leverage social media correctly





1.  Make your marketing relevant (and you’ll increase your conversion rate).

  • One of the reasons you want to learn about your clients and customers is so that you can better target your products and services.
  • This helps you put them into the “correct” channels so they receive more accurate messages and less spam.
  • Ultimately this makes customers and prospective customers more receptive to your outreach.




2.   Whenever possible, target your ads.

  • The more relevant your ads are to your target audience, the more they will reach your target market alot easier.




3.  Make your social efforts another collection point.

  • Your business’ website is no longer the only place to collect data about your customers.
  • Thanks to Facebook, and other social channels, you can make it more fun.
  • You can also use Facebook questions to gather data beyond your existing fan base.
  • When your “Likes” answer a question, their friends (even the ones who don’t Like you) have the opportunity to answer the question




4.  Use apps

  • Customers are savvy enough to know that if you have something they want — a game or a contest entry or a coupon — they have to give you something in return.




5.  Make your fans want to give you information.

  • Remember that the more data you ask for, the better the reward should be.




6.   Extend your social reach.

  • You can tweet a link, post to LinkedIn, add a link to a YouTube description, add links to email and even instagram photos.
  • If your fans are eagerly filling out your forms, chances are, their friends might want to as well.
  • Make it easy for them to share, comment, and invite others to participate.




7.   Organize and leverage all that data.

  • Now that you have earned your users’ trust, use the helpful data but don’t abuse it!
  • Organizing this data will help you figure out what kinds of products and services to consider offering.




8 .  Social media can be used for CRM even if you collect minimal information.

  • You can learn so much about your users by using the “insights” on Facebook, even if all you ask them to do is Like your Page.
  • You can find all sorts of demographic information — age groups, gender, cities, languages spoken, etc.






I hope these 8 tips help you understand how important it is to get your message to the right people, and to put out relevant, funny or engaging information.





If you do, you will create loyal lifelong customers because you are always showing them or offering them things they want to see.







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