8 Tips To Increase Your Conversion Rate

How To Increase Your Conversion Rate










8 Tips To Increase Your Conversion Rate





In this post, you will learn the one word that makes headlines convert, why you should go beyond your comfort zone, and other habits practiced by conversion-focused copywriters.








Here are the 8 tips to increasing your conversion rate by Craig Anderson, a copywriter.







1. Timing It Right

  • Think about when your audience will be ready to act, and whether you have done enough persuading by then.
  • Sometimes an early call to action works best, especially when readers are already primed to act and when the cost of acting is minimal.
  • Test different ideas, and don’t assume early calls to action are always the best way to sell.



2. Using The Magic Word

  • When you’re focusing on conversion rates, aim for headlines that are easily understood.
  • One little-known tip in headline writing is the power of starting with the word “get.”
  • When you start a headline this way, it almost forces you to write an effective headline that focuses on the benefits your audience will receive.



3. Going Beyond The Comfort Zone

  • Think about ways you can tap into your audience’s deep-seated feelings and direct them towards your products and services.
  • This can be done to varying degrees, so go as deep as you can.
  • You know you’ve done it correctly when you feel uncomfortable at the thought of someone reading your words and knowing you wrote them.




4. Arousing Curiosity

  • Sometimes you’ll see a headline and feel you have to click through to find out more.
  • There’s an easy way to write copy that leaves your audience curious.
  • Start by listing the important points you want them to learn.
  • Then, for each point, come up with a headline that explains the what, without explaining the why or how.
  • Writing copy that makes your audience curious is an especially effective technique when your audience has no idea they need your service.



5. Not Judging A Method By Its Reputation

  • Sales letters convert incredibly well.
  • They allow you to immerse your audience in your message, and to give them one clear path from arriving on your page to buying your product
  • A typical sales letter is one long page crammed with copy, testimonials, bonuses and a big fat discount if you buy today.
  • This approach can be effective, but you don’t have to adopt all these aspects to achieve powerful results.
  • The main benefit is the way the page focuses on the copy, so this is the part you should try to replicate.




6. Choosing The Right Verbs

  • There is plenty of evidence that starting calls to action with verbs is the best way to get results.
  • In your average day browsing the web, you will be asked many times to “click here,” “sign up” and “submit.”
  • These verbs often work reasonably well, but they rarely work best.
  • The main problem is that most calls to action ask the audience to complete a task, rather than telling them what they will receive.
  • Instead of asking your audience to “sign up for a free 30-day trial,” tell them they will “get unlimited access for 30 days.”
  • The former suggests your audience should fill out a form; the latter suggests they will get something for free.



7. Understanding The Audience

  • Many marketers make the mistake of overestimating their audience’s rationality.
  • No matter the age or discipline of your audience, everyone has a repressed desire for instant gratification.
  • So when you’re writing sales copy, don’t tell your audience what they will receive months and years later: tell them what they will get now.



8. Winning Trust

  • Even when your copy is true, it needs to be believable to gain the trust of your audience.
  • It is common for companies to make a similar mistake with testimonials.
  • They choose the most enthusiastic testimonials to put on their landing page, but these are rarely the ones that perform best.
  • Instead, they should pick the ones that sound authentic, while also alleviating a fear or explaining a benefit.






These are just 8 tips to increase your conversion rates through more effective copywriting, and there are plenty more.










“Never stop testing new ideas, and you will continually reduce your customer acquisition costs and make it increasingly harder for your competitors to catch up”…..says Craig Anderson






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